Why Married Couples Are Having Great Sex

What is the definition of Great Sex in marriage?  Well, I define it as sex with your spouse that is always so good it makes you both keep saying, "That was the best sex I ever had."  This level of constant sexual and emotional satisfaction is no simple feat.  It requires an intimacy level between two that must be encouraged every day with actions and words.  What are those actions and words?  


They Have an Open Line of Communication

These couples talk a lot and I mean a lot.  When communication lines are open in a marriage it encourages a comfort level that is great for intimacy building. This is also allows for comfort-ability in expressing desires and wants in the the bedroom.  

They Flirt With Each Other 

Flirting with each other is something that satisfying couples love to do. It is a fun way to make each other feel good and it puts sexual anticipation front and center on each other's mind.  

They Make Time For Each Other 

These couples avoid making their spouses feel like an option and more like a priority in their marriages.  Spending quality time together creates continuous bonding that heavily encourages intimate levels of marriage.  The more quality spent together, the more intimate a marriage can be.  

They Trust Each Other 

When there is a true level of trust in a marriage, it encourages both parties the freedom to really "let go" when the clothes come off.  This allows for real emotional connecting when making love with your spouse. 

They Take Care of Themselves

I am hear to tell you that it is a myth to think that once you get married you don't have to work as hard to keep yourself looking good.  Now I know that we all gain a little weight here and there but when the pounds start to increase excessively, action is needed.  These couples understand this concept and do what they can to keep themselves looking their best.  

They Try New Things (Spontaneous)

These couples enjoy having sex in the bedroom and out.  The kitchen is great too.   Foreplay is not always the same and neither are the sex positions.  This prevents stagnation from setting in and it encourages more sex between the two.

They Enjoy Giving Each Other Pleasure

There is no one-sided pleasure in these marriages.  Both parties participate in bringing the other as much pleasure as they can.  Foreplay is a huge deal for these couples and they enjoy it to the fullest.  

They Have Fun Together 

In and out of the bedroom, these couples enjoy having fun together.  They have a comfort level with each other that encourages true friendship in their marriage.  This in turn, helps to create deeper intimacy levels within marriage.  

They Touch, Kiss and Cuddle Often 

Every chance these couples get, they are touching their spouse. Holding hands, kissing and cuddling are just a few ways they make it happen.  These touches not only bring comfort but it also has the ability to create sexual anticipation for both parties.