Why Having Sex In The Morning Is A Good Idea

So you wake up a little early and you think about just laying there enjoying the quietness.  But then you look over at your spouse lying next to you and realize that you could be doing something so much more enjoyable then staring at the ceiling. So you take ACTION! 

Now, if this is a good description of what's happened with your spouse, then you are already reaping some benefits that you may or may not know about.  However, if this is something that you would love to explore more with your spouse, well consider the 5 reasons below why it's an excellent way to start your day.  And as always Keep It Hot! 

1.  It Offers Connectivity With Your Spouse At The Beginning Of The Day 

For a lot of couples once their feet touches the floor in the morning, they are on the go.  Couples sometimes don't have a chance to connect until the end of the day.  Lovemaking in the morning gives you and your spouse a chance to connect before your busy day takes off.  I call it The Connection Before Breakfast. 

2.  It Make For Great Flashbacks Throughout Your Day  

Thinking about the actions of you and your spouse from earlier that morning has benefits such as making you smile for no reason at all,  walking around with love in your eyes and looking forward to going home. 

3.  You Start The Day Burning Calories Away

This is the best type of exercise by far that married couples can truly enjoy.  Starting you day with lovemaking jump starts your body into calorie reduction mode.  According to Web MD, Sex uses about five calories per minute.  So even though those number may not impress upon you to cancel your gym membership, it is a great way to get your muscles active before even stepping out of the bed. 

4.  It Encourages Flirting Throughout The Day

Lovemaking in the morning can have you in the afternoon sending texts to your spouse that start like, "Remember this morning..."

5.  You Get A Healthy Dose of Endorphins

There is nothing better than activating those endorphins (feel good hormones)  at the start of your day.  It sets the tone for a more relaxed and calm mindset as you begin your daily routines.