The Things Happy Couples Do Often

You've heard the old saying before, "You are what you eat".  I have found that there is definitely some truth to that.  But, what about one's actions?  Could it be safe to also say, "You are what you do".  Well, I think so and I say this because when couples choose every day to make the their marriage a happy one, they have not only a happy marriage but they are happier people in general.  So what does happy couples do to keep their marriages sustained with love and happiness? 

They Experience New Things Together

It's something about experiencing new moments with the one you love that makes it that much sweeter.  It's a feeling like no other.  So, it's no wonder that happy couples enjoy experiencing new moments together.  This also encourages spontaneity.  This spontaneity also allows more enjoyment of date nights and vacations because it prevents couples from getting stuck in boring routines.

They Don't Go Looking For Trouble

Happily married couples do what they can to avoid any negativity.  That includes anything that could be bring harm or hurt to their marriage.  It's simply not worth the damage that it could cause to the foundation of their marriage.  So if it doesn't look right or if it doesn't feel right, they make ways to avoid it.  Their moral compasses are on the same accord and every day is an opportunity for happiness.

They Get Really Good At Sex

Happily married couples understand that sex is an important aspect of their marriage.  They strive for mutual satisfaction by taking the time to understand each others desires and wants.  When it comes to the big "O", no man or woman is left behind.    

They Cheer Each Other On

Celebrating each others accomplishments and offering encouragement is something that happily married couples do often.  Happily married couples understand that one of the greatest privileges in their marriage is supporting their spouse in becoming the person they were meant to be. 

They Have Open Communication

Happily married couples communicate and communicate often.  They communicate about anything and everything and neither are worried about being judged by their significant other.  Their open communication leaves no room for misunderstandings, confusion and assumptions in their marriage.  They avoid communication that is tainted with criticism, nagging and disrespect(especially when in disagreement)because they know only hurt feelings will follow. 

They Have Fun Together

Whether it's playing, laughing or joking around with each other, happy couples enjoy each others company.  In fact, studies have shown that the more time that is invested in having fun together makes for great friendship and connectivity in marriage. 

They Spend Time Apart

Happy couples understand the importance of giving each other necessary time to be by themselves or to be with friends.  They understand that each others self care is a necessity and that it should not be ignored.  They understand that "me" time is a way for their spouse to recharge and to focus solely on themselves.  They don't see this as a threat to their relationship but as a benefit to their marriage. 

They Make Each Other Feel Good

Happy couples love to see the other one happy.  They cannot help it.   So they do things like:

  • Show affection
  • Stay aware of each others well being
  • Show forgiveness
  • Give respect to each other
  • Show appreciation
  • Enjoy making the other smile
  • Compromise with fairness