Good Communication In Marriage

My husband and I talk a lot, and I mean A LOT!  It wasn't always like that.  In fact, my husband and I had some tough times when we were first married.  Our biggest problem we faced as a newly married couple was lack of communication. 

Because of the lack of communication in our marriage it made us began to assume what the other was thinking, feeling and doing. 

What did that do to us?  It created confusion, misunderstandings and hurt feelings in our relationship that almost destroyed us.  Then one night we sat down and started talking about our true feelings about everything that had been putting distance between us. We avoided:

  • Being disrespectful
  • Being sarcastic with each other
  • Being angry
  • Being close-minded
  • Being argumentative

We talked for hours and it truly opened a valve in our relationship that we once had opened but for some reason had been closed. Listening to my husband that night made me realize that I had been seeing things the way I wanted to, without thinking about his perception or what he saw.  It was an humbling experience. 

We both agree that night was a turning point in our relationship.  From that day our lines of communication in our marriage was opened and now 15 years later it's hard to believe that we ever had a problem.  But we did and we both decided to overcome it. 

3 More Benefits:

It allowed us to really understand each other 

One thing that I have learned in life is that with knowledge comes understanding. Good communication in a marriage is key to understanding what motivates your spouse's actions, feelings and thinking processes.

It allowed us to become the best of friends 

My husband and I know each other better than anyone else.  Why is that?  Because we talk about anything and everything just like best friends do!  And like a best friend we encourage each other, motivate each other and counsel each other. 

It threw assumptions out of the window 

I talked earlier about how assumptions were made in my marriage that truly hindered us.  But when we injected a healthy dose of good communication in our marriage, assumptions become a thing of the past.  We no longer had any guessing games to play about how the other was feeling or thinking. 

By overcoming our communication problems we were able tobe more supportive of each other,  trust each other more and talk openly in a way that was comfortable for the both of us.