The Love F.A.C.T.O.R. In My Marriage

Being happily married for over 15 years and still LOVING every minute of it, my husband and I find ourselves being asked frequently by friends and family the same question. How do you stay so happy with each other? I decided to find an answer that would incorporate the aspect of our marriage and encourage others to give more in their marriages. 

The answer was the creation of the L.F.A.C.T.O.R.  because it represents the core, the commitment, the appreciation of each other, the open door policy in our communication, the assurance, the awareness and the commitment of our marriage.  Read more about it below, and as always, Keep It Hot!


Love, Fidelity, Appreciation, Communication, Trust, Observation, Romance


The Core

This is the foundation that our relationship is built on. My husband and I try to incorporate love in everything we do and in every step that we take.  Negativity stays busy so we stay busier to keep itout of our lives and our children's lives. 


The Commitment

This is the Faithfulness and respect in our commitment together. My husband and I understand that Marriage is a gift from God.  So we make sure that we take care of each other in a way that God would be proud of us. 


The Recognition

This is our gratitude towards each other shown lovingly through words and action.  As a couple we understand the importance of not taking each other for granted.  We work hard to encourage each others strengths and work together to improve our weaknesses. 


The Open Door Policy

Our communication with each other encourages understanding, compromise and closeness. Over the years we have found that when you use words laced with anger towards each other, it never has a good ending!  We talk in a way that is benefiting to each other even in the midst of a disagreement.  


The Assurance

The is the confidence in our relationship that eliminates the fear of doubt and rejection.  Jealousy and unsureness is a horrible way to have a relationship, especially marriage!  My husband and Iboth love God first, so that love eliminates worry over what the other is doing because we both know what God expects from us.   


The Awareness

We give notice to each others needs; always paying attention to how the other is feeling.   No matter how busy our lives may get we never lose focus on the happiness of the other.  My husband's happiness is essential to mine and my happiness is essential to him. 


The Excitement

Keeping the love affair as hot as the day it started is so important in your marriage!  My husband and I date each other and date each other often! Our relationships has grown tremendously over the years by investing time with each other no matter how busy our lives are.