The Faithful Path

My husband and I drove this weekend to East Texas to pick up our son (#3 of My Amazing Seven) from college for the Summer Break. It’s a few hours from us and it’s a route that we are still not totally familiar with, so we used the assistance of our GPS (Global Positioning System). But, a funny thing happened on the way. The GPS decided to shut down in the middle of our trip. For a few moments we had no idea where we were going and how long it was going to take us to get there.

 It reminded me how I used to feel when I lived with no faith. Living without faith is not really living at all. I always felt suspended in the air, but not in a good way. I floated around from one thing or another trying to find something that would put me on solid ground. I love my husband and children dearly, but they were not enough to ease the despair that I felt in my heart every time I opened my eyes.

 I loved God, but I loved him with restrictions. I did not see that stressing to the point of breaking out in Shingles was an open defiance of my lack of faith.  I did not see that worrying every day for my children’s safety was an open defiance of my lack of faith. I did not see that my Anxiety Problems was an open defiance of my lack of faith. I did not see any of it. I just knew that I loved God but clearly by my actions my faith was lacking and I learned that you cannot love God with having faith in him.

 I had to learn to trust him with everything and put him in the driving seat of my life. I had to learn that even through trials and tribulations God was still present and he would always help me weather the storms. The moment I decided to love God the way he intended, my world slowly became more peaceful and content every day. Having true faith in God has allowed me to see what I would have otherwise ignored.

It’s given me the courage and strength to follow the path that God has set up for me. So why I have found that having a GPS (Global Positioning System) handy for taking unfamiliar routes on the road is great to have, it still has its faults and it does not come with any guarantees. But, if you choose to be guided in life by God’s Protective System (GPS); you can never go wrong and that is a GUARANTEE!