The B's of a Fabulously Romantic Marriage

I am a Romance Enthusiast.  I can't run from it and I can't hide from it.  It's what I am. The name of this blog also kinda gives it away too.  It's because for me, romance is one the most important aspects of marriage.  I say this because I have found that romance is where the true intimacy is built within a marriage.   I love how my husband put it, 

Romance is a physical, emotional and spiritual experience that requires all three to sustain.
— Royal Delahoussaye

Romance is all about the actions of two and what is being done every day to show that your union is most important to the both of you.  So, what actions help to create a romantic marriage? 

Being Trustworthy

Intimacy cannot get off the ground when trust is not there.  When intimacy is not in marriage it prevents deeper connections from ever happening.  Without deeper connections happening, the marriage becomes open to discord.  Bottom line, trust must be there for both husband and wife!  Trust is built by: 

  • Staying True to each other
  • Communicating in a healthy manner
  • Maintaining open access to each other 
  • Showing empathy and kindness  

Being Consistent

image created by Yanalya -

image created by Yanalya -

Remember, when you celebrated your wedding day?  Speaking vows to forever be joined with your spouse through good times and bad.  Well, those vows that were spoken on your wedding day or the vows that apply to your marriage every day.  Being consistent in this matter is of high importance for success not only in your marriage but everyday life.  

Never treat your spouse like an option, always treat them like a priority.
— unknown

Being Cognizant

You and your spouse are so much more than just two people living under the same roof.  With that being said, it's important that both parties are aware of what is going with their spouse.  For example, things like, how is your spouse feeling, how is work going for your spouse, is it time to get naked? These are just a few things that a  spouse should be fully aware of about his/her partner.   

Being Positive

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Romance is a beautiful part of marriage but it's susceptible to negativity.  Meaning that it's hard to think about pleasing your spouse when your thoughts and actions fall to the negative side.  The happiest couples that I have had the honor to be around are guided by God's teachings.  Their positive thinking frame comes from the belief of something much bigger than them and the faith that they are being watched over.

So why many would like at the glass as half empty, these positive thinking couples would be more inclined to look at the glass as half full.  

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