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Keeping Negativity Out Of Your Marriage

Keeping your marriage free of negativity is not an easy venture, but it's so worth the effort!  It soars your marriage to an everlasting stage that keeps getting better with time. Your marriage is one of the most profound relationships that you will ever have and deserves to be treated that way, every day.   After all, negativity begets negativity and who needs that in their marriage?  Absolutely no one! Listed below or some tips that can help you and your spouse keep negativity out of your marriage. 

5 Ways To Intimacy Before Breakfast

Like many couples, my husband and I have busy lives. With both of us working on our careers and going back to school we sometimes have long days of responsibilities. It's not always easy to ensure quality time with each other so we have found some ways to connect with each other in the morning, before breakfast. 

The Benefits of Laughter

I love those moments where you're laughing so hard that your stomach muscles clinch in painful awareness but no matter how hard you try, you just can't stop laughing.  Those are the best times!  My husband and I laugh like this often and we enjoy every minute of it. I have found that laughing has the ability to not only make you feel good but it also encourages positivity in your every day life.

Starting Your Day With Love And Happiness

Every day that you wake up is truly a miracle in the making so it should always be a joyous occasion.  What better way to give thanks and appreciate than by starting your day by spreading love and happiness to your spouse!  Below I have put together some great ways that you can make your spouse feel loved and special at the start of the day that has everlasting effects all day. And as always, Keep It Hot! 

Staying Connected In Your Marriage

When I first met my husband I knew that he was different. I know that sounds like such a cliche but it's the truth.  Being around him was like a breath of fresh air.  He made me realize that I had been suffocating myself with the other guys that I had relationships with in the past. My husband and I were different in many ways but alike in all the ways that mattered to the both of us.