Sweet & Romantic Ads: Commercials That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

I remember when I was growing up, that there was no way to avoid seeing commercials on television.  It was simply the way things were.  These day however you can avoid commercials in ways that I never thought could be.  For a small fee of course. 

Even still, there are times that we cannot avoid looking at commercials.  But, here is the thing for me.  If a commercial can make me smile, then I don't mind my television viewing being interrupted.  Which brings me to those commercials that tug at your heartstrings and makes smiling a forgone conclusion. 

Below, I have listed some the best romantic commercials that put real effort into feeling the love!  See what I am talking about and as always Keep it Hot!  



This commercial takes romance to a whole other level.  The commercial starts with a woman coming home and immediately is surprised by an amazing display of love from her husband. What makes this commercial so adorable is the fact that her husband is not even there physically with her.  Check it out and see what I am talking about!  

Lee Michaels 

This commercial shows different moments in time with a couple that lead up to a marriage proposal with a beautiful ring of course.  Very Sweet! 


If you haven't seen this couple on GabeBabeTV then you should check them out on YouTube!  These YouTube Stars did a commercial for Walmart Family Mobile and let me tell you, it was adorable.  The commercial stars Gabrielle, and her family and it follows them as they save money on their cellular phone plan.  Like I said before, simply ADORABLE! 


Cute. Cute. Cute. This commercial starts with a woman saying hi on her new phone to a guy at the same party she's attending.  It ends with a really cute declaration of love from the both of them.  It will make you smile.  


I absolutely love this video.  No doubt this video is my most favorite one on the list.  This commercial starts with a boy meeting a girl in high school.  The commercial then continues to follow their love story over the next few years until a marriage proposal is given.   So Sweet!  A love the little twist with the gum!  

Scott Kay 

This commercial is so lovely.  It follows a couple being together on a beautiful day, where eventually the big question is popped.  The cool thing about this commercial is that there were no words spoken. That however did not take away from this commercial.  I absolutely loved the ending!  

Robbins Brothers 

This is a really nice compilation of different women responding to being asked for their hand in marriage.  Beware.  Some of these may not make your cry but definitely smile. 


This is really cute one.  This commercial starts with an older couple dancing together around a room.  As the couple continues to dance, their appearances start to change in a very unique and romantic way.  


This commercial starts out with a young lady running into a young man at the train station from several generations ago.  The young man decides to pursue the young lady back onto the train.  The commercial continues to show the young man in pursuit of the woman and interesting things start to happen.  Strange in a good way.