My husband and I, even after 17 years, are still a work in progress. We still are building on our foundation of love and with that we have found that certain statements tend to put us on edge or hurt our feelings. We have found that marriage tends to make us comfortable with each other, but that comfort level should never become disrespectful or hurtful.

Below I have listed 4 statements that my husband and I avoid because we have learned that it only brings negativity within our marriage and it slows down our work in progress.

"I Don’t Like Your Mom/Father!"

Most people do not want to hear any negativity in regards to the woman/man whom brought them into this world, even if there is just cause. Use sensitivity in regards to your spouse’s mom/father.

“You’re Wearing That?”

If you want your spouse to shut down on you, this is a great question to ask. Remember that even in marriage you must apply tact to the way you communicate with your spouse.

“Your Friend Is A Loser.”

Be very careful with this. Unless you were there every step of their friendship this may be an unfair statement, especially if they have years of shared history. Have confidence in your spouse that there is a good reason they are friends.

“Not Tonight.”

Just make sure your spouse is not hearing this every night at bedtime. Sex is a natural process of marriage and when sex becomes nonexistent you are guaranteed to have problems that can escalate very quickly.

More To Consider: