Spending Quality Time With Your Spouse

Before I married my husband, I was always amazed at couples that I knew or would meet that were married for many years and still managed to be happy and in love. You see,  I wasn't raised in a home with two loving parents and neither was my husband.  Both of our childhoods were filled with watching our parents looking for love in all the wrong places.  Even though my husband and I saw our parents in destructive marriages, it brought out a desire in both of us that we have always agreed on, WE WANTED TO HAVE A LASTING AND LOVING MARRIAGE.

What we have found that helps contribute to our desire for a loving and everlasting marriage is spending quality time together. Enjoying each others company. I am not talking about sex, even though that is also an important aspect of your marriage.  What I am talking about is quality time that involves open lines of communication, appreciation of each other, laughing together and becoming the best of friends.

Mignon McLaughlin quoted, "A Successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." I 100% agree with this but in order to fall in love many times with your spouse, you have to spend quality time with your spouse. I put together some great ideas that I have found help encourage love, fun and happiness in your relationship with your spouse. And as always, Keep It Hot!

Get Interested In What Your Spouse Is Interested In

 My husband loves video games.  He has since he was a child.  He told me that once Atari hit the streets his life was changed forever.  Over the years playing and/or watching him play, I have found that the video game is an outlet for him just like reading books is an outlet for me.  So it's not unusual for him and I to talk about the latest book that I am reading or for us to play a new video game together.

Spend Time With Your Spouse And Your Spouse's Friends

 I enjoy spending time with my husband’s friends (Which over the years have become my friends as well).  Anyone that my husband consider friends, I am honored to meet and know.  Going out on a double date or having a get together at your home is a fabulous way to enjoy the company of friends.

Volunteer Together

Doing good and making a positive difference together reinforces the love of the little things, and the appreciation of the bigger things. 

Cook Together

Cooking together with your spouse incorporates a feeling of teamwork and allows for great communication moments.  Check out these great ideas for you and your spouse to cook together.

Hug and Kiss Every Day

Hugging and kissing each other is a quick but needed affirmation of love that you and your spouse need every day.

More Ways To Bring Love And Closeness To Your Marriage:

Pray together

Talk about your dreams and goals together

Reminisce about shared history

Take a road trip together

Write love notes to each other

Exercise together

Play board games together

Be silly together  

Take walks together

Do household chores together

Surprise your spouse with romantic gestures