Shot With an Arrow of Positivity

This morning it seemed that I may have woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I just felt ornery and I did not really know why.  My husband on the other hand woke up refreshed and excited about the new day.  

That did not make me feel any better about the orneriness that I was feeling. 

It seemed that no matter what I said or what I did this morning, my husband managed to counter and say just the right words.   Those words made me realize what a beautiful day it was and how I should appreciate everything about it.  

"It's as if he transferred his positivity directly towards me like an arrow shot from a bow. "

His loving encouragement this morning made me look forward to a moment that I would do the same for him when he needed it.

There are so many beautiful moments in marriage but it's moments like this morning that I treasure deep within my heart.  How easily my husband could have chosen to handle my orneriness and attitude with something other than true care and understanding.  But he didn't and there goes another reason why I love my guy so much.

Marriage Tip of the Day

Today, I want to encourage being a Refresher for your spouse. 

What is a Refresher?

  My definition is someone who:

  • counters negativity with positivity 
  • focuses on and encourages the important things in life
  • sees the glass half full, not half empty

So the next time your spouse has a not so good day (morning in my case) or challenges in their life, refresh your spouse's heart with love, understanding and encouragement by focusing on the positive side of things. It's a win for everyone around!