Sexy Surprises For Your Husband

You know normally I address both husbands and wives when giving advice, but today I want to speak with the ladies in the house.  Let's talk about sex!  When was the last time you initiated sex with your husband?  If you can't remember when, well it's just been too long! 

In fact, in a 2013 Married Sex Survey from iVillage it showed that over half of the men surveyed where the main initiators of sex in their marriage. That's a little shocking to me because just like us ladies, men need to feel desired and know that we enjoy sharing ourselves with them in a sexual and intimate way.

So after reading this article I decided to put some fun and sexy ideas together that will be great for initiating sex with your husband. And as always, Keep It Hot!


Greet Him At The Door With Only His Shirt On

It's something about seeing his clothes on you that makes him hot.  Back it up with slowly relieving him of all his clothes before you even make it the bedroom.  In fact who says you have to make it the bedroom?


Follow Him Into The Shower

Sneaking up behind him in the shower with a nice massage on his back(and other body parts) surely has the basis of turning into a happy ending for the both of you.


Wake Him Up To Hot Lovemaking

This is a great way to give him a good reason to wake up in the morning.  You know what your husband likes and don't hesitate to show him that you want to please him.  This is a sure fire way to send your husband off to work feeling loved and adored.


Start The Foreplay In the Car

This is another fun and hot way to catch your husband off guard. Who says you have to wait until you get home!  A little intimate touching and kissing while driving just may end up with the both of you looking for a secluded road to finish your roadside seduction.


Leave The Panties Behind

The next time that you and your spouse go on date night, consider ditching those panties of yours.  That's right ladies, Go Commando!  It will be the best conversation starter for your night out with your husband.  


Take A Pole Dancing Class

Do you enjoy dancing?  Well, if the answer is yes, then consider some pole dancing classes.  But, don't stop there.  After you having taking some classes, consider also buying a dancing pole to install at your home.  This way, everything that you have learned in dancing class, can be shared privately with your spouse.  Check your local listings for a pole dance class near you.


Meeting In The Bathroom

So you both are at a get together over a friend's or family members house.  You see your husband get up to go to the bathroom.  Follow him inside and seduce him for a nice quickie.  With the mirrors as a visual motivator things are bound to get real hot, real fast.

Here are few more ideas that will nicely surprise him:

Sex texting

Meeting him for lunch at a hotel room

Fulfilling some sexual fantasies

Openly flirting with him while at a restaurant

Have some whip cream ready in the bedroom

Try some new sexual positions