Sexy Board Games That Go Naked

So maybe you and your spouse are looking for some intimate and sexy activities that can be done at home. What about those rainy days or nights?  Wouldn't it be nice to have some sexy activities (clothing optional) to do when the weather isn't conducive to going out? Well, look no further because I have put together some of the best customer rated board games that Amazon has to offer! (Sex Around the HouseThese games are serious about couples having fun and getting naked together!  So wait are you waiting for?  Take a look below and order your new board game today!  Remember, privacy is definitely required to play these games with your spouse!!! As always my fellow couples, Keep It Hot!

Sex Around the House

Whatever happens in the bedroom can also happen in the kitchen, laundry room, and other rooms in this adult board game for couples. Sex around the House uses a die to move your pieces to different rooms on a house themed game board. Once you enter a room on the game board, use the matching room cards for unique sexual experiences to be performed in the actual rooms of your house. There are 10 rooms and/or areas of the house and matching cards which mean different arousing action in unordinary places! The Sex around the House adult board game for couples also includes "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay. Its A Adult Game Sex Game Adult Game For Couples Erotic Games. 

Foreplay in a Row

Drop the tokens and your clothes in this adult board game couples. Foreplay in a Row uses 21 blue tokens for him and 21 pink tokens for her, with erotic acts of kissing, stripping, massaging, and more on each token. Win the game by successfully aligning 4 matching color tokens in a row in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern. The losing player performs the arousing actions from the 4 winning tokens for unique foreplay. Some foreplay and sexual activities require ice cubes, hot wax, body toppings, a blindfold, or other toys and devices on hand while playing (not included). The Foreplay in a Row adult board game for couples also includes "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.

Cosmo's 365 Naughty Nights

Prepare for a year of romance, tantalizing temptation and naughty daily indulgences in this adult card game for couples. Each evening you or your partner choose a card that will take you on a "luck of the draw" adventure of naughty acts "for her", "for him" or "for the both of you". Choose a sultry sex position that you probably never tried before to take you both to euphoric bliss. Or, you may be reading a short, exotic "red hot read" to unleash your steamy ideas while you both take each other on a fantasy fulfilling ride to climatic heaven. Read your nightly passion card then set up with suggested props: high heels, thigh high panty hose, flavored body syrup, body lotion, blind fold, handcuffs or scarf, ice cubes, and much more (not included) that will surely enhance the night of erotic pleasure. The editors of Cosmopolitan have set you and your lover up to have a great year of hot sex - are you ready? 365 Naught Nights adult card game for couples also includes "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.

Naked and Naughty

Less clothes means more fun in this adult card game for couples. naked & naughty uses dice and cards to explore erotic actions of: bondage, foreplay, role-play, and many more naughty acts. Take turns flipping cards as the clothes come off and the action becomes more and more naughty. Some foreplay acts and sexual activities require massage oils, edible objects, a blindfold, or other devices on hand while playing (not included). The naked & Naughty adult card game for couples also includes "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.


With Sexplicit, you and your partner use your imaginations and the enclosed cards to create your own erotic adventure and fantasies. It's a great way to add to your daily dose of playfulness at any time of the day. The great thing about Sexpicit is that you can control where, how, with what, and for how long. Essentially, this is an adult version of a "choose your own adventure" type of game. Each card spells out a devious act with certain words left strategically blank. Partners take turns drawing cards and filling the blank spaces to create customized sexy scenes. The game provides two options of using the cards. Act them out immediately, or horde them up for use at a later time. The other option is to hide the cards for your partner to randomly find later, prompting an stimulating adventure. Warning: This game may cause heavy breathing, rapid heart rate, tingling, flushing, excessive arousal, or extreme euphoria. You lucky devils! We recommend having some erotic or playful items on hand such as ice cubes, whips, handcuffs, candles, lube, music, or drinks to heighten the experience. Also included is "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.

Strip or Tease

Strip or Tease is an adult card and dice game for couples that will help you perfect the art of sensual undressing, tantalizing each other with thoughts of where the game will lead to next. The game includes: 1 die of strip tease and 30 Strip Cards of seductive striptease suggestions; 30 Tease Cards of tempting treats of tease for you to play out on your partner; 1 die to determine if you will strip from above the waist, or below the waist and Helpful Strip Tips for Him and Her. The first die, "strip or tease", is rolled first. If Strip is rolled, proceed to roll the second die to determine what clothing you will be removing (above or below waist), draw a Strip card of seductive, sexy performance instructions. Roll a Tease on first die roll, go directly to the Tease Cards and draw your instructions of naughty playful fun to perform on your partner. Roll the ? and you decide which card you want to draw - Strip or Tease. The last one standing with clothes wins. The naked partner must perform whatever actions the winner requests to end the evening with passion and alluring satisfaction. Why not ask the loser to seductively remove the few clothes you have remaining? Strip or Tease adult card and dice game for couples also includes "Let's Talk About Sex - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.

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