Romantic Essentials For The Home

Romantic Essentials For The Home

There are a few things that I have found to always have on hand to create romantic moments at any given time. Having the essentials listed below helps in trying to take advantage of every opportunity you can to show a little romance to your spouse. So enjoy those snowstorms, enjoy those unplanned moments at home alone, enjoy your bedroom and enjoy each other. You both deserve it! 

And as always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!

Massage Oil

Massages are great stress relievers, we all know that. So make sure that you are prepared to make every massage a sensual experience for you and your spouse.

Picnic Basket

It’s just something about a picnic basket that makes a meal romantic, especially in front of the fire place, in your bedroom and for a backyard camping rendezvous.

Number for Babysitter

It is always a good idea be prepared for romance, even if you have children. Having a reliable babysitter or caregiver is essential for parents to have intimate romantic moments outside of the home.

Number or Website to Favorite Florist

Don’t wait for a special occasion to send your spouse flowers. I have found that flowers sent are more appreciated when they are not expected.  

Number to Spouse’s Favorite Restaurant Delivery

This is great to have especially on days when your spouse has had a long day at work or you want to have an intimate candle light dinner.

Romantic Music

Keep a romantic playlist readily available for you and your spouse.  -Tip- Spice up the mood for lovemaking with romantic music playing in the background.

Candles (Aromatherapy or Scented)

Candles create a serene and calming environment, perfect for setting a romantic mood. Use whenever needed!!!

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