The home that we share with our spouses should always be a place of warmth and love.  So why not decorate your home with this in mind?  Below are some great ideas to decorate your home with that provides a nice visual encouragement of the love that you and your spouse share. 

And as always, Keep it Hot!

Love is in the air!  Or should I say your home!


Home Decor Tip  #1

Put family photos near your bed so that it's one of the first things you see when you wake up every day!

Tip #2

Place Wall Decals Art Decor in rooms that you and your spouse frequent most often.

Tip #3

Decorate with colors that entices the romantic side of you and your spouse.

Tip #4

A simple color change of lights can give a room a more warm and sensual feel. 

Tip #5

Getting rid of the clutter in your home can increase romantic moments!  In a survey of 1,000 woman over the age of 18 by Liquid Plumr, 49% of the women stated that they were more likely to be more intimate after cleaning was done.  

Tip #6

Soft and comfortable fabrics should always be used when creating a romantic bedroom. 

More To Consider: