Practices That Happily Married Couples Avoid

Secrets To A Happy Marriage Part 2: What The Happily Married Avoid.  Last week we had an opportunity to look at the 10 Practices of Happily Married Couples.  We learned that there are certain things that you and your spouse can do to have a happy and loving marriage built to last.  This week we take a look at The Practices that Happily Married Couples Avoid.   Practices that you and your spouse will find you can both live without.  So check out Part 2 in the Happily Married Series and find out what couples avoid in order to have a loving and happy marriage and as always, Keep It Hot!

Happily Married Couples Avoid:

Nagging At Each Other

Communication that consist of constant complaining and finding fault with each other is avoided at all times.  Happy couples understand that communicating this way(nagging) is simply a waste of time and that it only puts a huge strain on the foundation of marriage.  They instead talk with each other in a loving and trustful manner that incorporates an open door policy in their marriage communication.

Being Unfaithful To Each Other

Happy couples understand the importance of the sanctity of their marriage and the promise that they made to God.  They stay focused on each other and understand that the grass is greener wherever they water it.  

Giving Into Negativity

Happy couples understand that trials and tribulations may happen but that its important to face them together, positively. They believe in the power of faith and they have learned not to sweat the small stuff. 

Being Selfish

Happy couples truly believe that there spouse's happiness is essential to their own.  They work together to bring happiness to each other and understand that selfishness only creates confusion and hurt feelings in their marriage. 

Using Sex As A Weapon

Trying to control and manipulate by using sex as a weapon only degrades the sanctity of marriage and creates unhealthy feelings of resentment and anger. It's never a good idea!

Holding Grudges

Holding grudges is another way of saying that you will not forgive and a happy marriage cannot survive without forgiveness.  I'm reminded of a popular marriage quote by Ruth Bell Graham, " A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers."

Losing Their Sense Of Humor

Laughter is good for everyone, no doubt about it.  It makes you feel good, relieves stress and creates those happy endorphins that we all love.  It's a win, win for the happily married.

 "I love to hear the sound of our laughter."  - The Romantic Wife 

Forgetting The Importance of R.O.M.A.N.C.E.

Recognizing opportunities and maintaining affection necessary for creating everlasting love is essential to a happy and loving relationship with your spouse.  Happy couples understand that their marriage is only as good as the effort they put forth.