Out Of The Ordinary Places For Sex With Your Spouse

The bedroom is without a doubt a good place for some lovemaking with your spouse, but it doesn't have to be the only place.  Take a look at a few places that I have listed below that not only provides you and your spouse with different scenery but also provides some great fun moments! 

And as always my fellow couples, Keep it hot!

The New House


Before you move your furniture into your new house/condo/apartment consider celebrating your new living space with some hot lovemaking!  You'll both have some really nice memories before you even start decorating the new place.  

The Beanbag Chair 

photo courtesy of Sumo Lounge

photo courtesy of Sumo Lounge

This is a great idea that gets the both of you out of bed and on the floor.  That may sound funny, but switching it up every now and then can be a very good thing for your Sex Life with your spouse.  The bean bag chair is great for multiple sex positions and it contours easily to any shape.   This could easily become your most favorite chair in the house.

Sumo Lounge has the biggest and best selection of bean bags! All orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping! Get warm, cozy and romantic with your sweetheart today!

The Private Indoor Pool 

photo courtesy of   Sybaris Pool Suites

photo courtesy of  Sybaris Pool Suites

It's something about an inside private pool that instantly turns on the romance! Maybe it's because you and your spouse don't have to worry about sharing pool time with anyone. Or maybe it's because of the things you can do in the pool together with no one else around!  So no matter what time of year it is, you and your spouse can enjoy some private time in a pool.  Clothing is optional.  Very optional.  

The Train 

california train.jpg

If you and your spouse enjoy traveling by train (like Amtrak), then this a great idea for you two.  Now in order to enjoy this sexual experience to the fullest it requires you to spend a few extra dollars to get a private bedroom that includes a shower.  By doing this you and your spouse can have uninterrupted time to do whatever comes to mind.

The Hammock 


Now I know that it could be a little cold outside, but this is a great idea for some outdoor lovemaking.  If you don't have one,  I have found that a decent hammock for two runs about 200.00 or less. This is a great idea for couples who are nature lovers.  So bundle up some blankets and get some hot chocolate and enjoy the possibilities of a hammock in the Fall.



This is a great idea especially if you have a private access to a trampoline.  This is also a great way to get loose and sexy with your sweetheart in the outdoors.  But, be careful, there could be a lot of bouncing from the both of you. Your welcome.     

The Laundry Room 


Who said chores around the house had to be boring?  When it's time to wash a load a clothes, you and your spouse should do it together.  Then when the clothes start their wash cycle, you should do each other together.  You know what I mean. 

The Themed hotel 

photo courtesy of Anniversary Inn

photo courtesy of Anniversary Inn

Hotels are always a nice place to get sexy with your spouse.  They offer a different setting from the norm which is great for getting couples in the mood for sex.  But what about a jungle safari hotel room?  Or maybe King Arthur's castle?  Themed hotel rooms allow the imagination of both husband and wife soar to new platforms.  Check your local listings to find a Themed Hotel Room near you!  

The Great Wall

This is by far one of the most sexy and spontaneous ways for married couples to get it own.  It screams, "I gotta have you now!"  Now that's what I call sexy!  So the next time the kissing starts in the hallway, kitchen, living room or the bathroom, find the closest wall and enjoy every single sensual moment.

A few more places that are great for lovemaking:

  • The Backyard/Patio
  • The Kitchen Counter
  • The Tent
  • The Office
  • The Waterbed
  • The Garage
  • The Bed and Breakfast
  • The Stairs
  • The Parking Lot
  • The Bathroom Counter
  • The Back Of A Limo
  • The Closet

Originally posted: November 19, 2014 / Updated: October 25,2017