Once Upon A Time

I am a big fan of the hit series on ABC called “Once Upon a Time”.  If you don't already know about it, well I am hear to help.  Once Upon a Time begins in a Fairy Tale Realm where all of our childhood stories live.  Due to a curse by the wicked witch, all who lived in the Realm now live a life in another time with no recognition of every living anywhere else or knowing anyone from their past. 

What makes this story even more interesting is that they live in Present Day Time in a cursed town called Storybrooke that nobody can leave without losing their life.

Every episode has shown me the importance of love and the responsibility that comes with that. Yes, we should love our spouse and children with everything we have but, we should never allow that love to shadow what we know to be good and true. 

Yes, we should be willing to make sacrifices for the ones we love, but never at a price of sacrificing your soul to evil.  Yes, we should want to make them happy every day but, not at the price of causing someone else misery and pain.   Yes, we should always want to have our spouse’s or child’s back but, not when it means covering up a lie or wrongdoing. 

 Arthur T. Hadley quoted, “It is not enough to get things done; they must be done right.”  It is the same way for loving someone.  It is just not enough to love but you have to love right.   If not done right than our love becomes toxic and twisted in a way that makes true peace and happiness difficult to have.  It slows down spiritual growth with God and increases the easiness of doing other wrong. 

I sometimes feel like the current world that we live is a love story that went horribly wrong and the punishment of those wrongs is what we presently live in.  Imagine how different this world would be if everyone loved the way God intended us to.  There would be so much love, good and happiness that it would seem like; a Fairy Tale.