My Husband, My Best Friend

My husband is my best friend.  I say this not because it sounds good but because that is what he is.  My husband understands me in a way that far reaches even my understanding at times.  And isn't that the way it should be? 

I ask this because the journey of marriage requires you to live with one person day in and day out and I believe that making that journey with your best friend (spouse) makes life far more pleasing and rewarding.

 I've seen marriages over the years fail with my friends and family and one thing that stands out to me is that their relationships lacked true friendship.  I believe that true friendship keeps the fire of love and respect roaring endlessly in marriages. 

True friendship enables you to be your wacky, silly self, it allows you the freedom to talk about anything, and it gives you the courage to face difficult situations because you know that you are backed up by someone who will always be there for you. 

Below, I have listed a few tips on how to keep the friendship in your marriage strong and as always, Keep It Hot!

Talk, Talk, Talk

 Husband and wife should always have an open line of communication that is free from judgment, hostility and distractions.  There is no greater way to understanding your spouse than by listening to what he/she is saying to you. 

Have Fun

We all have great responsibilities every day ranging from our careers, raising children, making decisions, etc.  But, you and your spouse should never stop laughing with each other, never stop being silly together and never stop hanging out and enjoying each others company.

Be There For Each Other Through The Good And Bad Times

Life is not always peaches and cream.  Sometimes life gets sticky and complicated (financial setbacks, health issues, etc.) and when that happens it is important to be a support system for each other.  Nothing draws a couple closer than weathering a storm together and coming out victoriously together!

Keep God In The Forefront Of Your Marriage

I am a firm believer that when couples love God first, they love each other better.  Without the love of God first it makes friendship, love, respect and commitment in your marriage seem like an impossible goal to reach.