Marriage Appreciation

My marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I have no regrets except wishing I could have met my husband much sooner than I did.  I know many women who would also agree with me and say the same thing about their husbands. In fact there is a wonderful woman by the name of Fawn Weaver who runs a blog called Happy Wives Club and there are over 100,000 members who truly love married life.  

But, this past weekend hanging out with friends and family, I was reminded that every one does not view marriage the same way I do.  I listened to some views about how true love is not possible, and how happily ever after s a myth of our time.  I felt so disheartened and sad for the ones that I could tell had never experienced a love like no other.  A love that makes you want to be a better person every day, a love that makes you shine from the inside out, a love that makes you thank God every day for sending you such an amazing person to share your life with. After this experience, I was overflowed with love, appreciation and gratefulness.  

So today I want to encourage you to remember how blessed you and your spouse are for finding each other and committing your lives together.  Stay strong and stay united when trials and tribulations come you and your spouse's way.  Make giving up on your marriage not an option.  And, always remember that perfection is not needed in marriage, just two people willing to look over the imperfections of each other and allowing God to be at the center of their life.

Go Team Marriage!

5 Benefits of Showing Appreciation in Your Marriage

1. Makes spouse feel valuable and important

2. Great examples for your children to see

3. Keeps you from taking your spouse for granted 

4. Strengthens communication between you and your spouse 

5. Promotes positive and happy feelings for you and your spouse

I stated earlier that saying, "Thank you" was one form of showing appreciation to your spouse.  But, what if you want to show appreciation in a more elaborate manner.  Well, I have put together some great ideas for showing appreciation (and being romantic) that I hope will make your spouse feel loved and appreciated.  And as always...Keep It Hot!

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is a great way for your spouse to wake up and feel loved and appreciated. Check out these great tips by Jonathan Stewart from  preparing a fabulous breakfast in bed for your spouse!

Backyard Camping Rendezvous

 If your spouse enjoys being outside, then this is a great idea for fun and relaxation. I put together a list of things to have for a Backyard Camping Rendezvous...

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Massage/Spa Treatment

If your spouse is comfortable with going to a Day Spa then this idea is sure to put a smile on your spouse's face. If Day Spa's are not your spouse's thing, then turn your bedroom into a massage parlor and give your spouse an all body massage that is sure to conclude with a happy ending!

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Send Flowers

Sending flowers is an oldie but goodie idea for showing love and appreciation...especially when the flowers or chocolate are not expected.

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Enjoy a Bath Together

Taking a bath together allows you to treat your spouse to pampering in a sensual way. It's truly a treat for two. Don't forget the candles and rose petals!

Write Your Spouse a Love Letter

Words wrote from the heart is a beautiful way to show your spouse love and gratitude that can be treasured forever.

A few more ways to show appreciation to your spouse:

Speak highly of your spouse to others

Compliment each other

Make sure they get a night out with his/her friends

Give your spouse a day to sleep in

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