Making Positive Changes For Your Marriage

Making positive changes for the best of your marriage is not always the easiest thing to do.  Habits are hard to break and making change from what you have known for years can be overwhelming.  For example if you are an extremely career driven individual it may take you out of your comfort zone to be home after work before the sun goes down.  But if you have the freedom to make a change like that, go ahead and do it!  A change like that allows you an opportunity to unite stronger with your family in love, support and attention.

 Some of my best memories are of my family all sitting at the dinner table talking about the occurrences of our day.  So maybe getting home on time every day is not an issue in your marriage, maybe there are other concerns.  If so, take the time to talk with your spouse and unite together on dealing with areas of improvement in your marriage. Whether the changes are big or small, if you and your spouse are both dedicated to making positive improvements for your life together, your journey will be worth it. 

If you want something different, do something different.
— Brela Delahoussaye

Three things that help make positive change possible in marriage:

A Relationship With God

Having a spiritual relationship with God is the most powerful asset you can have for building a great marriage. It also gives you strength to make positive changes for you and your family.  Having a relationship with God has taught my husband and I the importance of forgiving, faith, giving and loving with an honest heart every day.  God's presence in marriages helps create a legacy of love the way it was meant to be. 

Stay Away From The Negative 

Negativity can come from people, your surroundings and even things you see on t.v or what you may hear on the radio.  The thing is if it brings you down or makes you not value your marriage and family the way you should; then let it go.  Negativity begets negativity!

Patience & Commitment

You will need patience not just with your spouse but with yourself as well.  Change is not always easy, in fact for some it is very difficult. A few years ago my husband and I gained a lot of weight together and we both agreed that we needed to start working out and eating better. 

Let me tell you it was not easy for me to change my eating habits and I surely did not like going to the gym.  But, through perseverance and patience with ourselves and each other we shed the unwanted pounds.  If you and your spouse have recognized an area of improvement then don't give up!