5 Things Newlyweds Should Never Do


Oh, the sweet joy and excitement of getting married to the one you love! There is not another feeling in this world; embarking on life together as man and wife.  But, after the marriage vows are said reality has a way of setting in that makes you realize that marriage is not easy; especially a happy and successful marriage.

I read a quote by Dean Larson that I feel explains this wonderful and beautiful thing called Marriage.

"Marriage is not an easy venture. I repeatedly encounter the illusion today that perfect marriages happen simply if the right two people come together. This is untrue. Marriages don’t succeed automatically. Those who build happy, secure, successful marriages pay the price to do so. They work at it constantly."

Below I have listed 5 things that Newlyweds should avoid in their new venture of life together to avoid unnecessary strain and confusion in their marriage.   And as always Keep It Hot!

Assuming Everything Will Be Perfect After Your Get Married

Marriage does not automatically make your relationship feel like a Disney Animation. Some experts say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult and I tend to agree. After you and your husband have said, “I do” you have to begin shaping your lives together with a forever tag placed on it. Doing that requires an extreme amount of patience, forgiveness and the understanding that perfection is only a myth.

have High Expectations With No Compromise

Many couples want to do so much after the wedding vows are spoken. The thing that couples need to remember is that you and your spouse have to agree on what your first steps are as man and wife. Just because it sounds good to you does not mean that it sounds good to your spouse. Compromise is the key to the beginning of your marriage because it sets a great foundation of understanding that is needed in every successful marriage.

Trying To Be Like Other Couples

Comparison is the thief of all joy, no question about it. Each marriage is different and unique and your marriage should beat to you and your spouse’s tune.  God has a path for your marriage and the key to following his plan is not trying to follow a plan that belongs to someone else.

Trying To Change Your Spouse After Marriage

Consider how hard it is for you to change things about yourself; now just imagine how difficult it is to change your spouse. I believe that if you want things around you to change, you must first make the change. Change begets change.

Allowing Family/Friends To Control Your Marriage

The love of your parents and friends is a very important part of your life. That love however should never interfere or control what goes on in your marriage.