Keeping The Sex Spicy In Your Marriage

Married couples over time can find that sex can get a little monotonous.  There is nothing wrong with that happening, but what is wrong is choosing not to do anything about it.  Marriage is just like anything else in life that you want to succeed in, you have to work at it everyday, including your sexual relationship with your spouse. 

Giving into boredom and monotony in your sex life with your spouse is a key way to creating other problems that can extend in and outside of the bedroom.  I say this because the act of sex (making love) reaffirms love and affection and connects you emotionally to your spouse.  But when there is boredom, the opportunities of sex are few and far between, which means the absence of ongoing connecting with each other.

So, to avoid things going sour in the bedroom, here are some great tips to spice up your routines and as always, Keep It Hot!

1.  Get Out Of The Bedroom

The bedroom is where most couples have intimate moments.  But, what about in the car, at the park or even in your backyard or patio? If those don't work for you and your spouse then consider a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast or a stay at a romantic hotel suite. 

2.  Be Spontaneous

Making love doesn't always have to be planned.  For example, if you and your spouse are at a get together and your spouse goes to the bathroom...join your spouse and enjoy some quick nookie together.  Just remember to keep the volume down if you can!

3.  Experiment With Different Sexual Positions

Missionary position is good but there are so many other positions that are hot and sexy!  See what I am talking about with these great sexual positions below. 

Great Sexual Positions For Great Pleasure

4.  Talk Sexy To Each Other/Look Each Other In The Eye

Engaging in a little sex talk and eye staring is an excellent way to get the juices flowing and the fire burning for an intense and satisfying orgasm for the both of you. 

5.  Make Love In Front Of A Mirror

There is just something about watching each other in the mirror (while making love) that has the ability to make the best sex even better.

Here are few more ways to add a little spice to lovemaking in your marriage! 

6.  Use Edible finger-paint on each other

7.  Write down some fantasies and put them in a jar.  Then pick out a fantasy and act it out.

8.  Blindfold your spouse

9.  Read a sexy book to each other

10.  Striptease for your spouse