I Married My Soul Mate

My husband and I didn't meet until 1997, but we shared so much before then. 

In January 1995 I moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.  In June 1995, my husband moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.   We lived only two buildings down from each other for over a year.

After moving to Arlington I worked on a temporary assignment at a company called Poly - America doing warehouse work.  My husband, shortly after moving to Arlington, also worked at a company called Poly - America doing temporary work.   We worked at the same company for three months.

In March 1996 I started working for a company called Mobile Media.  In January 1996, my husband started working for a company called Mobile Media.  Mobile Media back then was a pretty big company and my husband and I went without seeing each other for almost a year. 

My husband and I didn't lay eyes on each other until December 1996, when we both attended a Christmas Party hosted by someone we both worked with.  That was the night that changed my life. 

Now, let me tell you when I met my husband, I was not looking for anything serious.  I had just gotten out of a two year rocky relationship and I was not ready for another relationship. 

At least that's what I thought.

My husband wasn't looking for anything serious either because he had just gone through a bad marriage and a bitter divorce.  We both just wanted to have a little fun, nothing serious, nothing complicated, just enjoy each others company...be friends. 

That did not work!   No matter how hard we tried to deny it, we were meant to be way more than friends.  We could not ignore the intensity of our connection.  We wanted to be around each other every chance we could, we were happier when we were together, we couldn't keep our hands off each other and we became addicted to talking about anything and everything. 

me and him heart.png

We talked about our feelings, our past struggles, our goals in life, our spirituality, our parents, our kids, our childhood, our love for 80's movies, recipes, books, video games, the smell of rain...I think you get my point. 

Now almost 18 years later our relationship has flourished way beyond our expectations.  I say this because my husband and I are connected in a way that we never knew could exist.   But, my husband and I know why we have this amazing relationship that still can't be denied.  We were meant to be together.

My husband and I truly believe that God had a plan for us.  A plan not only for my husband and I, but also for our children and their future children.  I am still amazed to this day how one look from a guy across the room, on a cold December night, could change my life so beautifully.

And every day since, I have become apart of my husband and he has become apart of me.  We have loss together, we have raised children together, we have struggled together, we have laughed together, we have experienced new adventures together, we have cried together, we have loved God together, we have matured together.  We are the best of friends.

Our connection in marriage has affected not only my husband and I but our children as well.  All of my children are now grown and marriage is not so far away for a few of them.  My husband and I have been told by them more than once, "I want a marriage like yours."  The love that God created between my husband and I overflowed to our children and now to their future spouses.

When I open my eyes every day and see my husband, my entire being rejoices!  Not because I need him to live and make it through the day, but because he makes my life better and I am so happy that he was chosen for me!  WE ARE SOUL-MATES.