Are You Going Dark for Dinner?

A normal day for you and your family could mean being on the go all day.  In this day and age our children have just about as busy a schedule as we adults have.  So coming together without conflicting schedules can sometimes be a challenge. 

Previously, I have talked about the importance of sitting down and eating dinner with your family as often as possible. It's a great time for you and your family to unwind together and talk with each other.  I have found that in order for dinner time to be a great way to come together, it has to be clear of distractions.  It seems that Dixie Products may feel the same way. 

Dixie Products started a new concept recently called, Going Dark For Dinner.  What is Going Dark For Dinner?  Well let's start at the beginning.  A survey was commissioned by Dixie that found that consumers eat dinner as a family without distractions less than twice a month and only 2 out of every 10 respondents said they do it at all. 

The brand believes that if people use disposable Dixie products and don't have to worry about cleaning up after a meal, they will be more inclined to linger at the dinner table and connect more with their family and friends.

"We saw an opportunity to be one antidote to life's distractions," said Andrew Noble, brand director for Dixie Consumer Products. "We are finding that this idea of going 'Dark for Dinner' resonates with everyone. Our goal is to have 'Dark for Dinner' drive cultural action and build upon the trend of families spending more time together."

 I am a big fan of this idea and it's easy to see why.  Bringing families together with no interruptions?  I am down for that! 

Dixie encourages everyone on "Dark for Dinner" Sunday to:

Now even though this is a six week challenge, this is something that your family can adopt for all family meals together! I know we have!  Want to know more about this?  Check it out on  So make plans this weekend to go dark with your family and as always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!