I was watching a show on cable about Kid Killers the other day.  Yes, I said Kid Killers! Let me tell you, this show was disheartening to see. So many lost souls at an early age, it simply tore my heart up. As I watched I noticed a pattern with almost all cases. The kids were raised in dysfunctional and abusive environments.

It is so sad to see when parents do not do everything that they can to make sure their child is raised in a loving and happy environment. It is also sad to see the end results of a child who was not raised in a loving and happy environment. I do not get it! I live for seeing the smiles on my children’s faces and hearing their laughter. I live to see them live, no doubt about.  What an enrichment they have been to my life and I would not want to imagine life without them.

 It truly astonishes me that all parents do not feel the way that my husband and I do. That there are actually people out there who do not see the children as gifts that should always be handled with care. Imagine how different this world would be if every child was raised in a happy, healthy and loving environment. What would the crime rates look like? Would there be a need for Maximum Security Prisons? Juvenile Detention Centers?  I believe that if more parents gave their kids the L.E.A.D, more kids would go on to be Happy Adults!

Below are key elements my husband and I have found are needed to promote a balanced and healthy environment for Happy, Confident Kids!


Children need to feel special and know that their parents genuinely love them. Daily reaffirmation of that love in a positive manner allows children to grow up with love in their hearts and a more positive view on life.


There are many hats that a parent wears and one of them is the coach hat.  Coaches step in to guide, direct and encourage their players.  The same can be said for parenting.  Expressing approval and support helps create and build ever-lasting confidence in children.


It is very important for parents to spend quality time with their children free from interferences.  Children need to feel that they are the only thing that matter in that moment.  One of the ways that I encouraged quality time every day was after my children would get out of school I would devote a couple of hours to just talk about their day at school, help them with their homework and anything else they wanted to talk about.   They had the floor. 


Children need guidelines and structure. There is no way around that.  When parents choose to be lax in this area (as evident in the show I watched) it promotes a sense of "I can do whatever I want to do" no matter the consequences.    Parents need to come to an agreement on a loving, but firm (non abusive) method when disciplining their child, especially when open disobedience occurs. It is also important that children see their parents stand together and stay consistent when it comes to discipline. 

More To Consider: