5 Gift Giving Mistakes to Avoid

5 Gift Giving Mistakes to Avoid

Gift giving is a wonderful joy to experience with your spouse.   But, it can become a not so wonderful experience if the right efforts are not put into finding the gift that fully suits your spouse.  For example, buying monogrammed cuff links for your husband is great.  However, if he dislikes wearing suits those cuff links can end up sitting on the dresser indefinitely.  Below, I have listed a few things that my husband and I avoid when we are buying gifts for each other.  By avoiding these things,  my husband and I are able to have a happy and fun experience when it comes to gift giving. These tips are great for shopping for your Wedding Anniversary or just because! So get out there and have fun buying your spouse a romantic gift and as always, Keep It Hot!

5 Things To Avoid When Gift Shopping

You Buy What You Like, Not What Your Spouse Likes

Remember to keep in mind that romance is perceived by the receiver.  The same can be said about great gifts.  So focus on gifts that you know will put a smile on her/his face.

The Reasoning Behind Gift Giving Is Wrong

If you and your spouse are dealing with serious marital issues, then your spouse is going to need more than a few chocolates and flowers. Committing time and effort during discord is the greatest gift you can give to your marriage.

Have Someone Else Shop For The Gift For Your Spouse

Avoid being lazy with giving gifts to your spouse. Take the time and make true effort to buy a gift that your spouse will love.  When your spouse feels that real thought has gone into buying a gift for her/him, it makes it that more special and memorable. 

Failing To Consider The Personality Of Your Spouse

 You know your spouse like no other.  So always make an effort to buy gifts that fits their personality.  If your husband hates to wear a suit, buying him a tie will not inspire much excitement. 

The More Money Spent The Better

 I have found over the last 17 year of marriage that the really special gifts were not about how expensive it was, but how deeply the gifts made me feel.  Not to say a diamond necklace is not a bad idea, but it doesn't have to be the only idea either. 

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