Five Ways To Impress Your Book Loving Spouse

Let's talk for a minute about the signs that show you are married to a book lover.  Does your spouse always have a book with them?  Or maybe their reading device? Kindle perhaps.  Does your spouse get excited about a new book like it just rained money?  Does your spouse get excited when they walk in a book store?  Would your spouse rather have a book as a gift instead of flowers, candy, video games?  Does your spouse like to read a book over and over again? 

Well if you answered yes to most of these questions then congratulations, you are married to a book lover.  As a book lover myself, I know all the signs.  I've lived them everyday from the moment I picked up my first book so many years ago.   So let's get to it! How do you go about impressing that awesome book loving spouse of yours?     

Know Your Spouse's Favorite Author


It may be hard for your spouse to pin down a favorite book but not so much when it comes to who they love to read.  Most book lovers that I know, including myself, has a author that we feel a connection with and do everything that we can to read EVERYTHING that they have ever wrote.  It's a desire that's hard to say no to.  So knowing your spouse's favorite author is a big deal to them and will go a long way with them.  

Attend a Book Signing Together 


It's something about meeting an author of books that you have read.  It's an experience for a book lover.  What could make it better?  You being there and enjoying your spouse in their element.  

Read One of Their Favorite Books 


Want to understand your spouse on a different and deeper level?  Read a book that means a lot to your spouse.

Indulge Their Reading Passion 


There are a few ways that you can indulge your spouse's passion for books.  Consider making a reading nook in your home or upgrade your spouse'es reading technology by purchasing the latest Kindle available or maybe even install a hammock in the backyard for reading outdoors.  

Check Out A Book Based Bestseller Movie for Date Night

So what's your spouse's reading genre that they read the most?  Romance, Mysteries,  Historical, Sci-Fi, Paranormal?  Whatever there interest lie there is sure to be a movie adaption that you and your spouse can watch together.