Do You Have a Mission Statement for Your Marriage?

I have found that most successful businesses whether big or small have a mission statement.  A mission statement is a key attribute to have because it serves as a reminder of the positive goals set forth and guides the actions of the every day efforts of a business.

For example the mission statement for the popular bookstore Half Price Books is:

“We strive to ‘Be fair to customers and our employees, promote literacy, be kind to the environment and remain financially viable so we may continue.’

This mission statement represents an every day reminder of what Half Price Books stands for and their overall goal.

This same concept can be applied to marriage.  Now I know some would ask, what about wedding vows?  Are wedding vows considered a mission statement?  I feel that there is a difference between the two because wedding vows are more about the promises made to each other and a mission statement is more about the purpose and/or goal of a marriage. 

Wedding vows for the most part are put together by one person on how they feel about their future spouse. A marriage mission statement is created by both husband and wife on the feelings they share together for the growth of their marriage.  Putting together with your spouse a marriage mission statement is great to do because it helps define and answer important questions like:

What Do You Want To Become Of Your Marriage?

The answer to this question helps encourage you and your spouse to focus on what's best emotionally, physically and spiritually for your marriage and family.  It also provides a spark that is good for marriage. I say this because it reminds you and your spouse the reasons why you got married and encourages ways to keep the flame passionately burning for each other.

What Image Of Your Marriage Do You Want To Convey?

This is a very important question especially when you have children.  Children benefit greatly when they are loved and cherished by their parents.  But, what children also benefit from is seeing their parents in love with each other, striving every day together to make a life filled with love and joy.

What Is The Nature Of Your Marriage?

The answer to this question should always include a relationship with God for both husband and wife.  When God is active in your lives together the nature of your marriage flows on a healthy and more prosperous level. 

So the next time that you and your spouse get an opportunity, take a moment to ask yourselves these three questions and create a mission statement for your marriage.  My husband and I had a great time putting our marriage mission statement together and I hope that you and yours will too.  

Come back and share with me your Marriage Mission Statement, I would love to hear from you!  And as always, Keep it Hot!

The Delahoussaye Marriage Mission Statement

The Delahoussaye Marriage Mission Statement

Originally posted: May 22, 2014 / Updated: October 25,2017