Don't Do These Things On Date Night

Date Night.  Two words that are so powerful to a happy and successful marriage.  Why is Date Night so important?  Date Night is critical to the success of a marriage because of the purpose behind it.  When couples actively date each other, they are purposely creating quality time together. Time together that is so important to the foundation and building of a happy and successful marriage.  So it's important that when date night is in full effect, there are some things that should not be in full effect.  

When couples actively date each, they make for the best of friends in and out of the bedroom.
— Romance Me

Not Being All In

There is absolutely no point in Date Night, if the two are not 100% all in mentally, emotionally and physically. So going out with your spouse with constant thoughts of your job, for example, is not doing you and your spouse any good.  Date Night is about all about connecting with each other not disconnecting with each other.  

Giving Cell Phone Too Much Attention 

Date Night should be about undivided attention between the two.  However, that is a little hard to do when Facebook and Instagram notifications are being checked or when emails are being read from work. 

Talking All Night About The Kids

I know this may seem harsh, but Date Night is about you and your spouse, not your children.  My husband and I have seven kids and even though they are all grown now, I still remember how my husband and I learned the importance of keeping kid talk to a minimum.

No matter how much love you have for your kids, you need quality time alone with your spouse. Believe me, your kids will benefit from it! So, if you need to talk about your kids, go ahead and do it, just don't let them become the main focus of your entire date.  

Using Date Night as a Forum For Complaining and/or Nagging

The key thing about Date Night is that it is time for love, intimacy and having fun together.  These things however cannot come to be when complaining and/or nagging is the form of communication being used.  This is not only on Date Night but any time for that matter.