I look forward to going out on date nights with my husband.  It's a time that we can have fun and experience different and new things together.  I truly believe in the intimate bonding that dating brings to marriage.  I am not the only one who feels this way.  Below, are websites that are dedicated to bringing couples together in love and fun just like me.  So keep date nights active in your marriage by checking out these great ideas that I am sure that you and your spouse will enjoy. And as always, Keep It Hot!


This site is ran by a husband and wife team, Emma and Denis Merkus. They have many great budget friendly ideas under thirty dollars that you and your spouse are sure to enjoy.

My favorite date idea from this site is:

The Bookshop Date


This site is ran by a group of women passionate about their marriages and dating their spouses.  This site has thousands of different and unique date ideas that are great for any and all personalities.

My favorite date idea from this site is:

Simon Says Date Night


This site was created by David Hail years ago when he was learning to build dynamic websites.  Kat Ritcher, a freelance writer and a self titled dating pro, helps run the site with her unique and fun date ideas. 

My favorite date idea from this site is:

Chinese Lantern Picnic


This site was created by Fawn Weaver in 2010.  She created this site to knock all the negativity towards marriage out the window.  Her mission was to find other happy wives like her and prove that happy marriages existed around the world.  And she did just that.  With over 640,000 followers on Facebook and a highly successful book Happy Wives Club, she is truly an inspiration to me and all the happy wives around the world.

My favorite date idea from this site is:

Cook Off Night


Datevitation was created and founded by attorney turned entrepreneur Alex Karpman. Alongside his wife Olga Karpman their mission at Datevitation is to inspire couples to be more romantic and have fun together.  At Datevitation you can create custom love coupons, invitations for a vast number of date ideas and even a one-of-a-kind gift book. 

My favorite date idea from this site is: 

Go Kart Racing


This site was created by Steve Pare who has been married to his lovely wife since June, 1992.  One of the reasons that he created this site is because he wanted to create better dating habits in his marriage. I definitely think he is on the right track.

My favorite date idea from this site is: 

Micro Date Idea - Sneak away from a party and make out.


I created this site in 2010 to help encourage love and romance in marriages. This site takes a positive look at romance in marriages by providing date ideas, marriage advice and romantic ideas in a clean and fun environment.

My favorite date idea from this site is:

Naked Date Ideas 

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