Fun Date Night Ideas for Movie Lovers

Do you and your spouse watch movies often?  Maybe quote sayings from movies?  Can watch the same movie over and over?  Well if the answer is yes, than you are in the right place!  With studies continuously showing the importance of Date Night, it's always good to find activities that you and your spouse can truly enjoy together.  So movie lovers, this one's for you!  As always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!

Attend a Film festival 


Film Festivals offer independent filmmakers the opportunity to share their work with an enthusiastic and responsive audience.  That's were you and your spouse come in.  Film Festivals offer:

  • New filmmaker projects and works
  • World premiere screenings
  • Q & A Sessions with directors and actors/actresses
  • An atmosphere all about movies and film-making  

Create a Romantic Backyard/Rooftop/Patio Movie Theater


This is a great DIY project that you and your spouse can create together.  It's also a great idea to incorporate in future date nights as well.

With the closure of so many drive in theaters,  this is the best way to experience outside movie watching (on a screen).  So what are you waiting for?  Get started on your project today!  

Have A Themed Watch Party


Make a fun event out of watching a movie together with your spouse and friends! Especially newly released DVDs (Blu Ray or Streaming.  Have fun by including things like movie decor, appetizers and a best costume contest!    

Go To Midnight Showing of New Movie Premiere

photo courtesy of Fandango

photo courtesy of Fandango

Why wait till Friday night when the movie theaters are the busiest to see a new movie?  Enjoy a new movie together, the moment it's available to see at a midnight showing.  Check your local listings and find a theater that can make this date idea come true.  

Find An Comic Con Event Near You


Comic Con events are great for being around other movie lovers and getting the chance to see stars from the big screen. If you and your spouse have never attended a Comic Con Event, then check out the Thrillist Essential Guide for couples. This article gives great insight on what you and your spouse can expect at the convention and how to maximize on having the most fun together.      

Watch A Movie At A Classic Theatre 


This is a great idea, especially during the holidays!  This is also a great way to enjoy movie classics on the big screen.  So if you and your spouse are a fan of vintage movies then check your local listings and find a Classic Theatre near you.   Classic Theater + Classic Movie = Classy Date Night