Date Ideas That Require an Overnight Bag

There are some date ideas that require more than several hours for its enjoyment to be complete.  I am talking about date night ideas that require an overnight bag for you and your spouse. After all, who said that date nights need to always end after a few hours?  Now I know that it's not always possible to have an overnight date but, if you and your spouse find yourselves with an available couple of days then consider these suggestions listed below.   

The most important message that a date night or special occasion or catch up— whatever form it takes— conveys to the couple is that they are creating a unique and special space for one another.
— Matt Garrett of Relationships Australia

Rent a Cabin


Looking for a quiet place where you and your spouse can relax together? Well, cabin renting offers you both just that.  With beautiful scenery and views, renting a cabin is great for couples looking to enjoy each other with a little nature included.  Whether you are looking for a luxurious feel or a more rustic appeal, cabin renting is a great idea for your and your spouse to explore.    

What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin.
— unknown

Visit a City Within 200 Miles Where You and Your Spouse Have Never traveled Before.  

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

This is a great idea that allows couples to experience a little adventure and experience something new together.  This idea also allows for extra time to communicate with each other during the travel time to your destination.  Win, win right?  So what are you waiting for?  Plan your next mini road trip today? 

Enjoy A Spa Retreat


This idea is great for couples looking for a relaxing environment to connect with each other.  Many spas offer unique and personalized services that are designed especially for the romantic couple. For example, the Spa at the Hershey Hershey in Pennsylvania offers a unique experience that provides beautiful romantic decor like Hershey Kiss shaped street lights,  great food like fondue wraps for two and luxurious whipped cocoa baths to fall in love with.  When selecting a spa retreat it is important to keep in mind the romance packaging that is offered.  Make sure that they have packages that caters to both of your needs.  Find a spa near you that works for you and your spouse today!

Go On a Short Cruise or Weekend Cruise


This is a great idea for busy couples who want to spend some romantic time together on the water but, may be short on time and/or finances. They are also ideal for couples who have never been on a cruise but want to see what its all about. These cruises last for a only a couple of days but the memories last forever.  Check your local listings today and see if there are any cruises available near you.  

Ranch Out: Enjoy a Weekend at the Ranch

Photo Courtesy of  Triple Creek Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Triple Creek Ranch

This idea works good for couples that are outdoor and/or animal lovers.  Romantic theme dude ranches are great for the couple looking to get away from the busy bustling city to a more relaxed, peaceful and secluded place.  Wonderful to experience anytime of the year!  

Spend the Night in a Tree House

Photo Courtesy of  TreeHouse Point  

Photo Courtesy of TreeHouse Point 

Tree houses are not just for kids and Tree House Resorts understands that! They are a great way to spend some quality time with your spouse in a different and unique way.  Great for nature lovers, this idea will have you and your spouse enjoying romantic time together in a beautiful backdrop of nature.  

Plan a Last Minute Getaway on Groupon or LivingSocial and Save Money


Saving money on a last minute weekend getaway is a fantastic way to spend some much needed time with your spouse and not feel the heaviness of expensive fees.  So don't let these deals pass by you by!  Take a look at LivingSocial  / Take a look at Groupon 

Enjoy a Theme Night at Hotel

Photo Courtesy of  Anniversary Inn

Photo Courtesy of Anniversary Inn

Having a romantic night at a beautiful hotel sounds nice right?  Well what about taking it a step further and have a romantic night in a themed hotel room?  These rooms offer you and your spouse a little more adventure and fun to your hotel date night. See what I am talking about by checking your local listings for Themed Hotels in your area.  Have fun choosing your theme night!