Compliments Romantic Couples Say To Each Other

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Abraham Lincoln once said, " Everybody likes a compliment."  I can believe that.  Everyone receives some sort of boost when a compliment is done in a respectful and meaningful way.  In a survey conducted, in 2012 by The National Institute for Physiological Sciences in Japan, we see just how important a compliment is to us.  The study showed that not only do compliments make you feel good but it also increases job performance and allows for better interpersonal relationships.  

 I have found that complimenting not only creates good feelings for the receiver but also for the person giving the compliment.  So, it's not surprising that complimenting in marriage can do great things for sustaining longevity in emotional and physical intimacy.  But, it doesn't stop there.  Genuine and sincere compliments also provides focus on the positive side of marriage, feelings of constant appreciation and promotes awareness of each other.  How sweet is that?  

Below are some suggestions that can get you started on the path of giving compliments and making your spouse's day. Don't wait around, get started today!   As always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!  

"I can't get enough of you".  

Feeling desirable is an important factor in having great sex in marriage.  Words like this, help boosts sexual confidence and promotes a flirty environment for the both of you. This statement lets your spouse know that you love coming together sexually and being together skin on skin.  

"I love the way you think."

The great thing about opposites is, they attract!  So your spouse may bring different views to a given situation that you did not consider.  Happy couples appreciate their spouse's unique perspective and finds it attractive.  It also confirms that couples are attracted to each other for more than just their physical appearance. 

"I love how you are with the kids."

Mom and dad love to hear compliments like this.  Parents often question whether or not they are being the best dad or mom they can be.  When your spouse hears these words from you it gives them a sense of confirmation that their efforts and hard work as a parent is noticed and appreciated.  

"I love your cooking baby."

For people who really enjoy cooking, it is considered an art. When people love to cook, it is important to them that the food they prepare is enjoyed across the board.  So when a cook here's "I love your cooking', it's an important compliment for them.  

"That outfit is HOT on you."  

There's nothing like going to buy a new outfit for an event, special occasion or just because and you hearing your spouse say these words to you when they see you,  "That outfit is hot on you." 

"I love how you take care of me."  

Compliments like this help decrease feelings of being unappreciated and it makes your spouse feel good about their contributions to the marriage.  

"I love your swag."

 When your spouse walks in the room, does the room shift a little bit?  Well, if you enjoy the way he/she carries themselves and love their style, then go ahead and let them know that you love their swag.  

"You always smell so good." 

Using smell goods like lotions, perfumes, cologne and shampoo is ritualistic for most people.  It's a habit that couples don't even really think about it.  Except, when you tell your spouse "You always smell so good."  Now, it's at the forefront of both your minds.  

"You make me better."

 Now, I know this may sound like a cliche, but when it's said with true meaning, it hits its mark.  This statement is important because it makes couples feel that they bring worthiness to their spouse's life.  Remind your spouse how they affect your life by these simple words. "You make me better."  

"You are so beautiful/gorgeous."  

Telling your spouse of how beautiful they are is a wonderful way to encourage feelings of attractiveness and appreciation. Put a smile on your spouses's face today by telling them how beautiful they are to you!   

"I love the way you get me."

 It's a honor to be with someone who gets you better than anyone else and doesn't try to change you. It's a beautiful thing.  It's a true blessing in marriage.  So if this how your spouse makes you feel, find the right time and let them know.  Make it a priority today!