Checking In With Your Spouse

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on my husband's lap reading my kindle while he was was watching television.  Subconsciously he started massaging my feet and I began to have this unbelievable feeling.  Not the feeling from my massage even though that felt awesome, no it was the love that I could feel pouring off of him towards me. 

 Even watching his favorite show he made me feel special.  He made me feel loved.  Not only in that moment but every single day.  With these emotions running inside of me I put down my kindle and asked my husband a question that I just had to know. 

"Do you feel loved every day by me?"

He turned to me with his piercing eyes that I've always believed see way to much sometimes and he smiled at me and he said confidently,

"Yes,  always.  How about you?  Do I make you feel loved every day?"

He didn't ask me why I asked the question, he just wanted to know if I felt the same way.  I undoubtedly told him "yes" and we look at each other for a moment without saying anything else. 

Later on that night I started thinking about how I would have responded if my husband would have answered my question with a no instead of a yes.  I would have been disappointed yes but even more so sad that my husband wasn't feeling every day the way I felt.  I would have made some quick changes and done everything I could to show my husband how special he was to me. 

This thought process made me realize how important it was to "check in" with my husband's feelings.  To make sure that he felt loved and cherished every day.  To make sure that my actions towards him reflected just how valuable he was to me and my life.  No assumptions allowed. 

Today I want to encourage you and your spouse to "check in" with each other by asking questions like:

Do you feel loved every day?

Do you feel secure in our marriage?

Do you feel desired by me?

If the answer is negative to any of theses questions I feel this is a great opportunity for you and your spouse to get closer.  Yes, I said get closer because this is an opportunity for you and your spouse to talk to each other about your feelings and make positive changes to your marriage. The key is that both parties have to be willing to make those changes needed for the success of their marriage. 

And as always, Keep it Hot!