Adventurous Date Ideas

Adding a little adventure to your date nights is a great way to have fun with your spouse.  I'm talking about trying something different than going to the movie theater or even your favorite restaurant. I'm talking about trying some date ideas that get you both out of your comfort zones.  So the next time you and your spouse plan your date night, consider these options below and add a little zest to the time spent together.  As always, my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!  

Tree House Date 

Tree houses are loved by children.  no doubt about it.  But, what about us adults?  Well, Tree House Resorts are the answer!  Tree house resorts offer private and romantic settings among the beautiful backdrop of nature.  It also soothes the inner child inside of us that love tree houses. So if you and your spouse are looking for some time in the trees, then look no further.  Check your local listings for Tree House Resorts near you.  

photo courtesy of  TreeHouse Point

photo courtesy of TreeHouse Point

Indoor Rock Climbing Date 

This date idea is for the active couple or couples looking to be more active.  Not only do you and your spouse get to enjoy rock climbing together, but you also lose a few calories.   Sweet right?  Make it fun for you two and see who is the first to make it to the top.  Have fun!

photo courtesy of  Lifetime Fitness  

photo courtesy of Lifetime Fitness 

Get Tattoos Together Date 

Have you and your spouse talked about getting tattoos together but haven't done it yet?  Well, turn a night at the tattoo parlor into a fun date night with your spouse!  The best part about this date night is that if the pain gets to bad when the tattoo is applied, you have your lover right there by your side, holding your hand.  

loving-couple-with-the-same-tattoo_1153-763 (1).jpg

Helicopter Riding Date  

If you and your spouse love being in the air, then consider a night out touring your city in a helicopter.  This is a great way for you and your spouse to see your city from an entirely different angle.  So if neither of you have a problems with heights then this is the date for you.  Check your local listings for helicopter tour businesses.  

Naked Day & Night Date 

This is a great date idea if you and your spouse have a whole day allotted for it and the kids are not around.  This date idea starts from the moment that you two get up and lasts all day with one prerequisite that must be followed: Go Naked All Day!   So that means cook naked, watch movies naked, exercise together naked, lay in the bed together naked... you get where I am going.

Discover your lover Board Game Date 

If you and your spouse are looking for more options for stay at home date ideas, well look no further.  The goal of Discover Your Lover is to activate and stimulate a couple’s sexual energy and heighten their attention for each other. The game is specifically designed to bring a couple closer together and will show players surprising sides of themselves and their partner! Discover Your Lover is disarming, exciting, direct and daring. It can also be hilarious at times but never disrespectful. Players strive to reach the finish as quickly as possible by answering questions and performing tasks. They are faced with questions that test erotic knowledge in general as well as their understanding of their partner’s sexuality. The player to cross the finish first wins their ultimate desire! The tasks are on three levels, from tender and playful to more passionate and challenging. The variety makes this game one that couples can revisit again and again.

Dinner Cruise Date 

This date idea puts a different spin on going out for dinner.  If you and your spouse enjoy being out on the water then this date idea is great for the two of you.  A relaxing boat ride that gives you the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the beautiful water views from your table.  A perfect date to end a hectic week.  

Geocaching Date 

What is Geocaching?  Geo-Caching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. It's considered to be the world's largest treasure hunt.  How it works:  Players try to locate hidden containers, like geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and then they can share their experience online.  There are millions of geocaches around the world just waiting to be found by you and your spouse.  All you need to get started with this adventure is a free Geocaching account and the official Geocaching app or a GPS.  Start your adventure today!    


Medieval Times Date

This is an ideal date for you and your spouse that offers more than just dinner.  Medieval Times is an exciting attraction that was inspired by the 11th century feast and tournament.  You and your spouse are served a four course banquet with the opportunity to cheer on one of the six knights competing in the jousting and other competitions.  Medieval Times also features thrilling hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, horsemanship and falconry as part of an exciting yet touching story set in Medieval Spain.   

Photo courtesy of  Medieval Times  

Photo courtesy of Medieval Times 

Theme Hotel Date 

Having a romantic night at a beautiful hotel sounds nice right?  Well what about taking it a step further and have a romantic night in a themed hotel room?  These rooms offer you and your spouse a little more adventure and fun to your hotel date night. See what I am talking about by checking your local listings for Themed Hotels in your area.  Have fun choosing your theme night!   

photo courtesy of  Anniversary Inn

photo courtesy of Anniversary Inn