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5 Things Your Gamer Spouse Will Love

I've ridden through The Dunes on a chocobo in Final Fantasy, I've battled Nightmare for the weapon Soul Edge in Soul Caliber, I've watched Lara Croft do some pretty amazing things on a mysterious island and I've watched ferocious monsters get annihilated by a team of determined hunters in Monster Hunters.  And no, I am not a gamer. 

Keeping Negativity Out Of Your Marriage

Keeping your marriage free of negativity is not an easy venture, but it's so worth the effort!  It soars your marriage to an everlasting stage that keeps getting better with time. Your marriage is one of the most profound relationships that you will ever have and deserves to be treated that way, every day.   After all, negativity begets negativity and who needs that in their marriage?  Absolutely no one! Listed below or some tips that can help you and your spouse keep negativity out of your marriage. 

Beware of These 5 Myths About Marriage

Before I said I Do to my husband, I heard many different things about married life. Some things good, some things not so good and some things were just plain outrageous. For example, there was one myth that I was told years ago before I had even considered getting married.  I was told by an older member of the family to make sure that when I got married, make sure it was in June. 

10 Signs That Your Spouse Is Also Your Best Friend

I read this article the other day and it talked about how being happy in your marriage did not require you and your spouse to be best friends. I found this article interesting because my husband and I consider ourselves to best friends.  The article went on to say that trying to achieve best friend status with your spouse was too much pressure for both parties involved. I kinda get that, it does seem like pressure when your trying to make you spouse your best friend.

Are You Having Fun In Your Marriage?

Having fun together.  Something that sounds so simple but plays such a huge part in happy marriages.  It's something that most couples spend a lot of time doing in the beginning (dating) phase of their relationships.  As time goes by and wedding vows are spoken , life has the ability to give excuses for putting fun on the back-burner.

10 Signs of Laziness in Married Life

Sometimes we don't even see it.  Sometimes we don't even realize it.  But, laziness in marriage is way more complex than just keeping the house clean.  It's about giving the best efforts possible to you and your marriage.  But, sometimes recognizing when laziness has crept in is not as easy as it would seem.  This is especially true when you and your spouse have acclimated yourselves to a steady daily routine. 

3 P's of Marriage

My husband and I are celebrating 17 years of marriage this year and I am so grateful for our years together.  Through the good times and through the bad, my marriage has shown me the real power of love.  Absolutely no doubt about it!  My husband and I have also seen the importance of having passion, positivity and perseverance or what I like to call them, the 4 Awesome P's of Marriage.  

I Married My Soul Mate

My husband and I didn't meet until 1997, but we shared so much before then. In January 1995 I moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.  In June 1995, my husband moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.   We lived only two buildings down from each other for over a year.