7 Ways To Turn Up Date Night

Date Night.  Two words that contribute heavily to the success of a marriage.  Two words that I feel should never go silent between husband and wife.  But, what happens if you and your spouse get stuck in the Date Night Rut?  The Date Night Rut is what happens when married couples become repetitive in their actions on Date Night time to a point to where it become dull and unproductive in creating true intimate moments.

In the movie Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, their date night at the same restaurant, ordering the same food, is a perfect example of Date Night Rut.  Simply going through the motions of a date with your spouse doesn't award any benefits to your marriage.  Honestly, it's a waste of time.  

So to avoid that dreaded Date Night Rut, Romance Me has put together a list of ideas that will help in keeping the fire active and alive in your dating time with your spouse.  As always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!  

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Have a Naked Date Night

It's nothing like getting naked to turn things up a little bit.  It has the wonderful ability of making you and your spouse very aware of each other.  Very, very aware.  Check out these great date night ideas that requires absolutely no clothing.  Naked Date Ideas 


Go All the Way Up

It's something about heights that revs the heartbeat and is exciting to experience.  At least for most people who don't have serious height phobias.  So if you and your spouse are not afraid of heights, then consider taking it to the sky and try a helicopter ride around your city.  Or maybe eat at a rooftop restaurant.  Or maybe stay at a hotel with a balcony, on a top floor of course.  


Have Fun Like Children

It's no secret that kids like to have fun and why shouldn't that apply to us married folk also.  With the demands and pressures of every day life, devoting some time to having fun is a great way to keep yourself from being overloaded.  A few suggestions for acting like a kid are:  

  1. Visit the Zoo
  2. Head to the Go Kart Track
  3. Go To Jump Park 
  4. Go Rollerskating 
  5. Go Bowling
  6. Have a Video Game Marathon
  7. Enjoy Laser Tag
  8. Enjoy a Day of Cartoons 
  9. Stay the night at a Tree House Resort 
  10. Get Your Paint On 


Turn Date Night Into a Romantic Getaway

Who says that Date Night is all about a few hours together?  Extend your date night by making plans to add a little getaway time together with your spouse. For example if you and your spouse are going to a restaurant inside of a hotel, consider ending the night by getting a room. 


Get Oh, So Fancy

When was the last time you and your spouse got all dressed up for date night?  Well if you can't remember than it has been too long!  Choose some activities that require you and your spouse to put on your freshest and best attire.  Some ideas for fancy dressing are: 

  1. Art Gallery Openings 
  2. Ballet
  3. Opera 
  4. Dinner Cruises
  5. Jazz Club 


Go Big On Movie Night

If you and your spouse are big movie lovers, then maybe it's time to upgrade your movie experience at home.  A few ways to make this happen include getting a:

  1. Home Projector - Great for getting that movie theater feel at home.
  2. Projector Screen - This is needed if there is no available blank wall available to use in your home. 
  3. Speakers/Sound System - All the better to hear with my dear.


Be Spontaneous With Groupon/Living Social Deals

It's one thing to be more spontaneous when it comes to date night but it's another when you can save money and be spontaneous on date night.  Groupon/Living Social offers discounts for restaurants, massages, sightseeing tours, cooking classes, indoor rock climbing and boat tours to name a few.  Start saving today!  

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