7 Sexy Date Ideas for Married Couples

Looking for some date ideas that have a little seduction and romance in mind? Maybe something different than the dinner and movie routine? Well, look no further because I've put together some sexy date ideas that are sure to put you and your spouse in the mood for love and romance! 

So start planning your sexy date night right now and as always, Keep It Hot!

Play Hooky

When was the last time you went on date night with your spouse? If its been too long than think about playing a little hooky. If you and your spouse can spare some time off, why not call in and spend the day in bed together or catch up on television shows or movies or even take a long hot shower together followed by an indoor picnic?

Enjoy a Night of Dancing

Have fun moving and shaking your body together on the dance floor and then later move and shake your body together in the bedroom.

Drive Thru Movie

Create a romantic mood in your car by going to a drive in movie. Making out is definitely allowed...no it's required!

Spend The Night at Upscale Hotel Room

If your looking to impress your spouse and create a sexy and romantic mood then this is the date idea for you. Add a little spice to your room by adding rose petals, romantic soft music, candles, room service and of course you and your spouse!

FANTASY night 

This date idea requires that you both communicate to each other about your desires and fantasies.  The Fantasy Date cannot happen if you and your spouse don't know what the fantasy is.  So tap into each other's fantasies and make a night out of making those desires come true.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

Enjoy dinner on the water with your spouse by purchasing tickets for a dinner cruise. This is a great idea that encourages a relaxed and intimate environment where you and your spouse can not only enjoy good food but also beautiful water scenery.

Check out local listings for Dinner Cruises

Naked Night Swimming

If privacy and availability permits, this is a great idea that creates an atmosphere of fun and intimacy where you and your spouse are guaranteed to get wet!

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