6 Ways To Keep It Hot After Tying The Knot

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last night and there is a scene where the Portokalos family is in the kitchen talking about how after the vows are spoken the romance goes away in a marriage.  Now I know that this was just a movie but I have seen a few couples struggle with keeping the romance alive after they say, I do. 


Why is that?  I consider marriage one of the biggest investments a person can make and letting the romance slide to the way side is one way to cause your marriage to breakdown.  Now I am not saying that it's easy to keep the romance alive in our busy lives.  With the raising of children, careers and other responsibilities it can be difficult to make the time for romance. 

However, making the time is a must if you want to keep the romance as hot as you and your spouse want it to be.  So how do you keep it hot after tying the knot? 

Continue To Date Each Other

Dating can be great before the wedding vows but even better after the vows are spoken!  It creates continuous opportunities to bring spouses more intimately together and it reinforces the importance and commitment of their marriage.  Never stop dating your spouse!

Married couples that actively date each other make for the best of friends in and out of the bedroom.
— Brela Delahoussaye

Avoid Monotony In And Out Of The Bedroom

Monotony and marriage are two words that should never come together.  In fact, I have never heard anyone say, "I want a monotonous marriage." You know why?  Because a monotonous marriage includes feelings of disinterest, boredom, dullness and tediousness.   This type of marriage can eventually set the stage for many other problems including even divorce.  A few tips to avoid monotony in your marriage include: being spontaneous, stepping out of comfort zones and trying new things together in and out of the bedroom. 

Be Open and Honest With Each Other

Intimacy starts with conversation.  Lots and lots of it.  So its important that when you communicate with each other there is openness and honesty behind the words that are spoken. When there is open communication, there is less misunderstandings, confusion and assumptions in marriage.  When couples are honest with each other and true to their marriage it reinforces the commitment/dedication of their marriage.   

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Sometimes we don't even see it.  Sometimes we don't even realize it.  But, laziness in marriage is way more complex than just keeping the house clean.  It's about a serious lacking in giving the best efforts possible to you and your marriage.  But, sometimes recognizing when laziness has crept in is not as easy as it would seem.  Signs of laziness in marriage include letting your appearance go, nagging as a form of communication, selfishness and taking your spouse for granted.  Read more about 10 Signs of Laziness in Marriage for more tips on spotting laziness in marriage. 

Have Fun Together

Having fun together is an important aspect of marriage that should never be looked over. Never. In fact, there was a study conducted by the University of Denver for Marital and Families Studies where they found that the amount of fun couples have together was the strongest factor in understanding overall happiness in marriage. Dr. Markman, one of the research conductors, stated that the more couples invest in fun, friendship and generally being there for their mates, the happier the relationship will become over time. 

Get Your Flirt On

Flirting is not just for the single people.  Its also for the happily married couples as well.  Flirting can be fun and enjoyable between couples and it helps to keep both parties more sexually aware of each other.  Who doesn't like that?  Looking for some ideas on how to start flirting with your spouse?  Check out these 20 Flirty Text Messages that you can send your spouse today!