5 Ways To Intimacy Before Breakfast

Like many couples, my husband and I have busy lives. With both of us working on our careers and going back to school we sometimes have long days of responsibilities. It's not always easy to ensure quality time with each other so we have found some ways to connect with each other in the morning, before breakfast.  But, connecting intimately every day in our marriage is also a responsibility that my husband and I can never deny.  So over the years we have utilized a few activities to ensure closeness and intimacy before breakfast is even served! 

So make it a good and intimate morning every day and always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!


Play The Thankful Game 

Getting ready in the morning together is a great way to express to each how grateful you are for the life you both share together.  The game is simple,  each of you recognize five things that you are thankful for and share them with each other. 

Pick Each Other Outfits For Work 

My husband and I love to do this one!  It's a fun way to connect and it's always interesting to see what we both pick out for each other. 

Enjoy The Sunrise Together 

There is something about being outside at the start of the day and seeing the sun emerge from darkness.  Watching the sun appear not only make us feel closer to each other but also to God.  It's an experience like no other. 

Sticky Notes Of Love

So there may be some mornings where both of your schedules don't permit time to spend together.  But connecting is still possible through notes of love.  Leave a sticky note where you know your spouse will easily find it and express words of love that will make a great start of the day for your spouse.

Get Naked Together

Starting the day with lovemaking has great, great benefits!  In fact, check out Why Having Sex in the Morning is a Good Idea, to find out what those benefits are to your marriage.  Whether you both get naked in the bed or in the shower, it's a great way to enjoy intimate pleasure with each other before breakfast is even thought of.