5 Ways To Increase Romance In Your Marriage

Clearly from the name of my blog you can tell that romance means a lot to me.  It's something that I have found that my marriage could not live without. You see romance is an everyday aspect in my marriage that both my husband and I recognize and appreciate. 

 I define romance as Recognizing Opportunities & Maintaining Affection Necessary for Creating Everlasting-love.  And how do you recognize those opportunities?  Well I've found in my marriage that it's everyday things that you must stay aware of that can slowly build your marriage into a romantic one. 

Below, I have listed 5 Ways that I have found encourage romance in your marriage every day. And as always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!


1. Communicate 

When I talk about communicate I mean more than just talking about the bills, the kids, or other family business.  I am talking about opening yourself to your spouse by talking about your dreams and sharing your thoughts. When you both do this it allows your marriage to have a deep level of intimacy that helps you to truly understand and know your spouse. 

Intimacy in marriage begins with conversation.
— The Romantic Wife

2. Stay True/Be Honest 

Staying true to the commitment in your marriage even during the toughest of times is key to increasing romantic chemistry.  Honoring your commitment to your marriage everyday slowly builds a foundation of trust that I found a happy marriage cannot live without. 

3. Be Your Spouse's Cheerleader

Energetically supporting and encouraging each other in a loving manner is another asset to creating and maintaining a romantic marriage.  When couples are supported by each other they feel valued and appreciated and those feelings are always good for a marriage.  It can also inspire our spouse's to reach even higher goals than they ever thought possible. 

Three ways to be a great cheerleader for your spouse:

  • Applaud your spouse's achievements
  • Encourage your spouse's dreams
  • Compliment your spouse

4. Have Fun Together

Marriage is a serious commitment but it doesn't mean that a couple cannot have fun together.  In fact, in a study done by the University of Denver for Marital and Families Studies found that the amount of fun couples have together was the strongest factor in understanding overall happiness in marriage. 

Dr. Markman, one of the research conductors, stated that the more couples invest in fun, friendship and generally being there for their mates, the happier the relationship will become over time. 

Quick Ideas for having fun with your spouse

  • Play a funny joke on your spouse
  • Go Roller Coasting on favorite rides at Amusement Park
  • Enjoy a night at Dave & Busters
  • Go Bike Riding together
  • Play a Video Game together
  • Rehash some funny times with your spouse
  • Have a Comedy Movie Date Night
  • Enjoy a night of Go-Karting
  • Go dancing


5. Check Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is so powerful that it can become a nasty habit of the mind.  A habit that you may not even realize that you are a culprit of.  I'll admit I was a culprit and I was shocked to find out that I brought negative energy to my marriage.

You see I have always considered myself a realistic and rational thinker.  But, at some point in my life I allowed my version of reality to become obscured by past hurts and disappointments. I ended up becoming this person that thought whatever could go wrong, would go wrong. I also thought whatever could go right, would still go wrong.  This I found is no way to live and it's no way to share your life with someone.  How do I keep negativity at bay? 

  • Always looking at the glass of life as half full, never half empty
  • Having a forgiving heart 
  • Having faith in our Creator.