5 Tips For Financial Setbacks

Life has the ability to brings us tests in every form and fashion, including financial setbacks.  Financial setbacks, like unemployment, can cause conflict and deterioration in marriages unless both parties are willing to acknowledge that this is a time of patience, understanding and sacrifice.

I've previously quoted, " Love is beautiful when the sun is shining, but even more beautiful after the rain."  That quote was derived from my marriage after we experienced hard financial loss and recovered together. 

How did we do it?  Well, we stumbled at first when we were hit with financial loss.  It was not easy times, let me tell you. But, we got back on track by reinforcing principles, listed below, in our lives that made our marriage stronger and more secure.  So,  today I want to encourage married couples going through financial setbacks to be resilient not only in your efforts for financial recovery but also inkeeping your marriage foundation strong, solid and true.   

You Must Have Faith

I have never heard anyone say that worrying and stressing made all of the their problems go away.  But that's what happens when one chooses not to have faith that God will make a way.  It's a tough and chaotic way to live life not only during challenging times but all times of your life.  It can literally make you crazy! 

Stay True to Your Marriage

Positive encouragement and cheer-leading is needed during this life testing time.  Avoid the Punching Bag Syndrome (Taking everything out on your spouse in a negative way).  It devalues your marriage and encourages feelings of discontentment that can lead to a separation of hearts.

Do Not Panic

When panic arises, you are more likely to make decisions or do things in desperation without thinking or coming to logical understanding.  This could create even more problems that you and your spouse may be unequipped to handle. 

Review the Family Budget/Make A Plan

Sit down with your spouse and go over the finances. Make immediate positive changes that will save your household money.  This is a time of sacrifice so avoid overspending and making unneeded purchases. Set obtainable financial goals for your family. 

Be Positive

Adversity happens to everyone, but your response to it will either make you or break you.  History teaches us this every day.