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5 Things That Cause Conflict In Marriage

5 Things That Cause Conflict In Marriage

In this day and age divorces seem to be the thing to do when the relationship falls into unhappy territory. I have found that just like life, marriage is not easy and it sure is not for sissies!  It requires daily attention, focus and no shortcuts.

For example if you are looking to being promoted at your job, you make sure that you are on time every day, you make sure that your work is error free and sometimes you even put in a little overtime to show how dedicated you are.  The same applies to a happy and successful marriage!  Without work and effort your marriage has an increasing chance of failing and ending up in divorce court.

Below are five things that I have found that slowly set you apart from your spouse.


Infidelity is a reason that many divorces occur.  It is a lack of spiritual awareness that allows people to believe that cheating on their spouse is something that is okay to do.  It is an act that not only hurts your spouse, children and other loved ones but it also goes against the teachings of God.  Marriage is an institution that God put together for us and if we choose not to honor it then consequences will and always will occur.

No Intimacy

No intimacy in your marriage is like living with a roommate.  You share many things because you live in the same house but, unless more effort is made, you really don’t know their thoughts, concerns are motives for everyday living.


Resentment is to marriage what air pollution is to mankind, toxic.  It’s what I consider a slow but very lethal weapon against marriages.  The key to not allowing resentment to build up in your marriage is to communicate in a way that is healthy to your marriage.  Express your concerns and always be open to forgiving.  As Ruth Bell Graham quoted, “A Happy Marriage is the union of Two Good Forgivers.”

The Absence of Romance

Whether you are newly married or have been married for years, it is always important to never stop dating your spouse! Romancing your spouse keeps the love affair hot and reaffirms your love for your spouse. Marriage does not mean that the party is over; Marriage means the Fun has just begun!

The Love of Money

Having a Successful Career is a very important aspect in many people’s lives.  But, sometimes that drive to succeed can get mixed up with the love of money and power.  The love of money is an easy lure of deception.  It opens the door to being spend thrifty and closes the door to humbleness.

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