5 Reasons Why Sleeping Nude is a Good Idea

So its time for bed and you go for your sleeping attire that you love to sleep in.  Nothing wrong with that right?  Well, today I am going to give you a few reasons why you might want to abandon your sleeping attire for good and consider another option...your birthday suit!

Its Great For Bonding With Your Spouse

When you and your spouse sleep naked together it can create a bonding that is shared by the two of you.  Touching and rubbing against each other naked makes you feel closer to each other and therefore allows you both to feel more free and comfortable together. 

It's Healthy For Her and Him in the Nether Regions

Ladies, our bodies are enclosed in clothes all day and one of the key things that I have found over the years is that sleeping naked is great for vagina care.  Sleeping naked allows all the important parts of our body to breathe with no barriers, therefore allowing our vagina to stay dry which can combat vaginal bacteria from forming.  For men, sleeping naked is conducive to better sperm health and better reproductive functioning. 

It Makes Having Sex More Possible

Not to say that sleeping naked every night means having sex, but what it can do is produce desirable feelings even when you thought you weren't in the mood.  Skin to skin contact with your spouse helps produce the hormone Oxytocin which many consider the "love hormone".

It Keeps Your Weight Down

This was an interesting factor that I was educated on through my doctor.  It goes like this, when you sleep with heavy layers, this can sometimes cause you to sleep restlessly which in turn can produce the stress hormone cortisol to form inside of you.  So this means you can wake up feeling more hungrier than normal which can equal eating a bigger breakfast than what you may need. 

It Encourages Better Sleeping

Now this may not work for everyone but studies have shown that if insomnia is a issue for you then letting go of your sleep attire can make for a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which is conducive to better sleeping.  Bottom line the more cooler you are the better chances you have for better and longer sleeping.