4 Things to Avoid on Date Night

What does Date Night mean to you?  Well, I'll tell you what it means to me.  It means time that I get to be with my husband whether were in a romantic restaurant or Go-Carting.  It's a time where we can be ourselves with no pressure.  It's a time where we can shamelessly flirt with each other and sneak a feel or two.   It's a time where we become the best of friends.

Date Night is important to us and is a huge asset in our marriage and because of this there are certain things that we avoid when we're out.  Below, I have listed 4 things that my husband and I avoid when on Date Night so that we can have a great time together with no distractions.  As always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!  

Avoid Talking About Bills and Finances

When you designate time for date night it is important to remember that this is a time for love and having fun together.  If you need to speak with your spouse about the budget and finances do so before or after Date Night.  

Avoid Nagging

Nagging is a slow killer of love and romance in marriages. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!  It has the ability to make your spouse feel unworthy and unloved; creating feelings of resentment that could not only destroy Date Night but also your relationship with your spouse.

Avoid Cell Phones and Texting

When on Date Night your spouse should receive undivided attention from you and vice versa. Now this is a little hard to do if emails are being checked, Facebook notifications are being looked at and texts are being sent.  Remember, date night is a time for you and your spouse to catch up with each other, not to catch up on your socializing or work.  

Keep Talk of Kids To A Minimum

 Date Night is all about you and your spouse connecting with each other, not with your children. I know that may sound harsh but I am a mother of seven and no matter how much you love your kids you still need quality time alone with your spouse. So if you need to, talk about your kids, but don’t let your kids become the main focus of the date.