3 Reasons To Avoid Stress

For many peoples stress is a way of life. It has become normal to hear someone worrying and or stressing over trials and tribulations. Why is that? There is nothing positive in stressing or worrying.  Stress doesn’t bring people closer and it makes life not worth living. Stressing and worrying has the power to create destruction within your heart and the hearts of everyone who love you. 

You can control stress by having an optimistic attitude, even when it’s difficult to see any good.  Learn to embrace challenges and always have a strong sense of humor.  Learn to accept that change occurs in life and always keep God in the forefront of your life.

 Below are three reasons that I have found in my own marriage why stress is just not worth it!

Stress Is A Lack Of Faith

It is so easy to say you love God, but it can be so hard to have faith in God. The journey that has brought my husband and I closer to God has not been an easy one. God made things happen to get our attention because he knew we were too focused on money and not on him. And they were not all good things. But, when we hit rock bottom we were able to see things clearer than we had ever before. We could now see him in every aspect of our lives, not with our eyes but with our hearts and souls. I truly believe that you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were.

Stress Makes You Sick

Stress breaks down the body. I know for a fact. Several years ago I broke out into Shingles. If you don’t know what Shingles is, it’s a painful and contagious rash. It’s a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus – the virus that causes Chicken Pox. After we recover from Chicken Pox it can enter our Nervous System and lie dormant for years; unless it’s triggered. It can be triggered by many things, one of those things being stress. Stress lowers our immunity therefore allowing things such as Shingles to come right on in. But, stress does not stop at Shingles. It has been known to cause lack of sex drive, moodiness, irritability or short temper, sleep problems, depression, obesity, heart disease, digestive problems and so much more.

Stress Does Not Change The Situation For The Better

Stressing never improves the situation you are in. It only makes your trials and tribulations that much harder to deal with. It opens up a valve for Depression to come in and it eliminates you from seeing all the good that still surround you every day. It can destroy marriages and alter your relationships with everyone around you.