20 Flirty Text Messages For Your Spouse

Get your flirt on...

 If I were asked if flirting between husband and wife was a necessity in marriage, my answer to this is AB-SO-LUTE-LY!  I say this because flirting between two people in love encourages those feelings of want, desire and even the anticipation of what's to come in the bedroom.  It's a great way for couples to have fun together. 

In a study at the University of Kentucky in 2012, 164 married couples were studied to find out just how important flirting was to a happy marriage.  The researchers in this study examined marital partners’ flirtatious behaviors, flirtatious motivations, relational maintenance, commitment, and satisfaction.  The researchers found that flirting was motivated by a desire for sexual activity and the desire to create a private world with the spouse. 

Overall, flirting appeared to operate similarly to maintenance communication in marital couples.  There are different ways to go about getting your flirt on with your spouse and one of those ways is through texting. 

Flirty texts or sexting is something that sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D has studied and she found that engaging in the exhilaration of sexting can do wonders for post-nuptial nookie.  "In marriage, it's a continuation of an intimate relationship that stimulates bonding chemicals in your brain, and makes sex hotter sex when you have it." says Brame.  

 So how do you go about flirt texting if you have never done it before?  A few tips that you can incorporate in your flirty texts is:

  • Have Fun - Relax and have a good time sharing words that encourages intimacy in your marriage. 
  • Be Yourself - You don't have to start off with sounding like a full time seductress working overtime.  Keep it simple and then as you get more comfortable with it, get a little more descriptive with your words. 
  • Choose Appropriate Time - Be cognizant of the time that you choose to send your spouse a flirty text message. For busy couples, Take the time to plan ahead and ask your spouse when is a good time for you to share some of your thoughts on text.  This definitely gives your spouse something to look forward to! 

So the next time that you want to get your flirt on with your spouse, consider using some sexy and flirty text messages to get your point across.  As always, my fellow couples, Keep it Hot! 

Send a Text Today!

1. By the way, I am still wearing the smile you gave me this morning. 

2. So many choices to make tonight...should we choose the bed, the wall, the kitchen, the patio, the car? 

3. Can you get off early?  I really need to see you. In our bed. Naked. Right now. 

4. I'm having a postal inspection when you get home.  I need to check your package. 

5. The sounds we make together when our clothes are gone... Turns. Me. On. 

6. I have been thinking about you a lot today and I was wondering if we could discuss these thoughts in bed. naked. tonight. 

7. Just wanted to give you heads up for tonight... I plan on making you moan over and over again, until you tell me to stop. 

8. Lets go away this weekend.  I want to see how many times I can get you naked with no interruptions. 

9. I can't concentrate on work today...I keep thinking about you, my tongue and your addictive moans. 

10. Baby, I have the "So Hot For You Syndrome" and I never want to be cured.   

11. You were so hot last night... #cannotstopthinkingaboutwhatyoudid

12. The rain is not the only reason that I am wet today...

13. I love the outfit you put on this morning baby.  Question.  How fast do you think I can take it off you tonight? 

14. I just wanted to remind you that if today gets hard for you, I mean like really hard for you, I will be there to lend you a helping hand, touch, kiss or whatever.  I am here for you :)

15.  I'll meet you home, I'll be the one naked with a smile, waiting for you in our bed.

16. Just wanted to let you know that I love you baby...FYI this text was sent with no clothes on...

17. Thinking about using your tie that I love so much tonight.  Game?

18. No one says my name the "way" you do especially when...well you know when don't you?

19. If you could see my thoughts of you right now, you would know why I cannot concentrate on work today.

20. After the kids go to sleep tonight, I'll meet you in our car for a much needed tune-up.  Don't be late!