2 Words Your Spouse Needs To Hear Often

It's just two words.  Two words that could put a smile on your spouse's face.  Two words that can make you feel good inside.  Two words that make you see the good.  What are those two words?  Those two word are THANK YOU.  Let me explain to you why I feel this way. 


In my marriage I have found that saying thank you:


I have a confession to make.  I do not like washing clothes.  It's not like I don't like clean clothes, but it's just that the washer and dryer has never been my thing.  Thank God that my husband is the opposite of me because he likes to wash.  But, over the years there have been times where my husband had to take business trips and work extra hours.  So of course it only made sense for me to step up and do the DREADED LAUNDRY.  Yeah, I know that's a little dramatic but that's how I see it. My husband always makes sure to give me big thanks when I've had to wash clothes. 

I asked him years ago, why did he thank me for something that was expected of me.  After all if I didn't do it my kids would have suffered and so would my husband and I.  Well, he said the reason for the big thanks was because hejust wanted me to know that he appreciated my efforts, especially knowing my dislike for it.  His validation of my efforts not only made me feel good but it made me feel deeply loved and understood!

Creates Positivity  

Being appreciated and showing appreciation is something that happens often in my marriage.  This creates a cohesiveness in my marriage that allows us actively to see the good in each other. This also encourages happiness and positivity in my marriage that blossoms more every day. 

Great For My Children To Hear 

When children are raised seeing their parents love each other in a respectful, trustful and positive manner, they have a much better chance at having the same relationship with their future spouses.
— Brela Delahoussaye

My children over the years have been witnesses to my husband and I saying the words THANK YOU to each other and to them, and other people around us.  As they got older, I noticed that my kids were very comfortable with the words, THANK YOU.   They said it to me often, They said it their father often.  They even said it to each other often.  In fact, I don't think that our family meals together didn't always end up with all my kids and husband saying thank you for making a great dinner. 

Incorporates Teamwork

In order for a team to be successful, every member has to understand what the other does and appreciate what that team member brings to the table.  My husband I have applied the same philosophy  to our marriage.  We recognize each other efforts and when we verbalize that to each other it encourages the spirit of teamwork.

So I encourage you to make it priority every day to say those two simple but powerful words to your spouse. Your marriage will thank you for it!  And as always, Keep It Hot!